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This is Jet. He died when he was eight years old. He went missing for a couple of days. He was found dead under the dining room table. On the day he went missing, his person heard him meow but didn’t think much of it. She was overwhelmed with guilt and sadness when she reached out to me.   

Jet says from Heaven, “I want to tell my mom that something strange happened to me. I had this problem where I was feeling really dizzy, and my eyes were hurting me so much. I couldn’t find my way. I got stuck under the table. I felt this burst of light inside of my head. My body seized and I smacked myself. When I meowed, I was already on the other side. I was trying to tell my mom I am ok. I was already in Heaven”. I want my mom to know that I died fast and none of the dogs did anything to me. But I don’t know why that happened.”

It sounds to me like Jet may have died of a blood clot or a brain aneurysm. His meow crossed the veil between Heaven and Earth. Such a sweet boy. May he fly high above his person, and may she always sense him when he is near.

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