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To all my loyal readers,

I am sorry that I disappeared for while. My animal family have been through some serious medical issues in the last couple of weeks.

It seems that when my animals were suffering I pulled inward so that I could concentrate on their healing and drive them to vet visits, the chiropractor, nutritionist and herbalist as well as the lessons these experiences were teaching my animal family and myself.

Makia is doing well.  Her body no longer wants insulin so we are trying to find another alternative to bring her glucose levels to normal.  She feels ok but could feel much better.  Joey has had no fluids around his lungs for almost a week, but he is tired and not himself.

We are all regaining our strength and energy and are happy that everyone is alive.  On another note our pet psychic radio show is becoming very popular (we are live this week), I have made some wonderful connections for my business in the last few weeks, and am working on an exciting project. Good things are manifesting for the future!

The last few weeks have been an balancing act between extreme gratefulness, sorrow, joy, abundance, the feeling that my animals may soon leave this plane and eye opening miracles.  I have learned many lessons these last few weeks that will help many of my client animals.

A newsletter will be out this week and I will get back to posting more regularly.  Thank you for tuning in and for all those wrote to me to say you missed my posts.  I am back :)!


Joey my 17-year young oldest cat had been coughing for a few weeks.  I thought it was hairballs at first but then the hairballs stopped appearing.  I thought maybe it was allergies because my living room air purifier stopped working. Then the cough had a subtle watery sound to it and Joey appeared to be in discomfort.  My animals are stoic.  I don’t know if it is that they rarely admit to their suffering or that they just accept their feelings as unchangeable.  I feared Joey had fluid in or around his lungs so on a Saturday afternoon on took him our friends at Buena to be checked.  He has been diagnosed with Chylothorax.  This is when the lymphatic symptoms dumps fat, a fluid that looks like skim milk, into a lining that surrounds the lungs.  It can be painful to breath.  On Sunday, Joey was prepared to die but when we entered VMSG it was so cold and sterile that he changed his mind.  He listened to the specialist, weighed his options and then opted to be drained and wait for our long time veterinarian Dr. Otto to come back into town on Tuesday to make a decision for us.  On Tuesday, Joey still wanted to live so we drained him for the third time and Dr. Otto told us to pray for a miracle.  We told him we have already started.  Now it is Thursday morning, I check on him constantly, watch his breathing with a specialist’s eye and listen alertly for any sign of cough.  I tell my clients that most animals are ready to die when suffering outweighs joy.  Now I ask Joey, “How do you feel about all of this?”

Joey says,

I feel like a miracle is happening.  I feel when I breathe it still hurts a little bit.  Maybe I have fluid in me again but I feel a soft light all around me and when I concentrate on that soft light I feel it penetrating deep into my body.  I want to live longer because you tell me that I can get better then I was before.  That with the power of herbs, love and faith I can become anything that I want to become.  I don’t want to suffer.  I want to be around more to see the birds and to experience more nature.  I want to move to the country.  I miss nature.  I want to live in the country again before I die.  Sometimes I feel sad because I feel like we should have a farm.  I remember what it was like to have the pigs and the parrot and I miss that life style.  It is not that I don’t like watching the people go by it is just that I miss the sound of hearing nature for long periods of time.  I miss the smell of the wind from the mountains and the smell of dirt in the woods.  I miss seeing deer.  I don’t want to hear cars so much anymore.  If we could move to the county again then I think I would live more joyfully.  Can we move to the country, mom?”

We have lived in our house, in town, nine years now.  For the same reason as Joey describes we have thought about selling our house and moving to Whidbey Island, WA or back to the lake country of NY.  (Joey used to go canoeing with me when we lived on Peach Lake).  My animal family and I send a call out to our readers.  Does anyone know of a rental that fits Joey’s description?  There are many of us.  Stormy the Aussie, Luca the poodle, Bean the bunny and the cats Joey, Makia and Serafina.  We are clean and tidy and respectable of space.  It is time for us to move.  Joey says, “We want a sacred place where the spirits love the land and the people who once lived their created beauty.  We want a place that opens our hearts and inspires us to live.”  If you have any ideas you can contact us at laura@petpsychic.wpengine.com or 805.895.5968

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