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Joey Is In Heaven

Joey 4/28/93 - 9/1/11

Joey left for heaven today. He went peacefully in my car with the help of his long time vet / friend Dr. Otto.

Serafina and Makia (cats), Stormy (dog), Jim (human) & I were by his side.

Right before Joey’s spirit left his body he said,

“Mom, Maia & Lala (dogs in spirit) & Juliette (cat in spirit) are running towards me.”

I have been hearing him say that he is in love. Though we are all very sad.

Serafina keeps crying.  She has been his “nurse” for such a long time. Following him around and sleeping where ever he sleeps letting me know which bamboo he is sleeping under at any given moment.

Makia and Bean the bunny are sleeping by his body.

Before we left for the vet Joey asked Makia to come a long because she is his “oldest living friend.”

Stormy knows that heaven is also a wonderful place and Joey is no longer suffering.

Luca is a bit confused and sad that Joey will not “wake up”.

At 5:30 tonight Joey will be buried in my friends Pet Cemetery on Sulphur Mountain next to Maia our wolf dog.

Thank you all for all your support, love and prayers.  Joey felt them and they helped him to pass.

Much love to all of you.


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4 thoughts on “Joey Is In Heaven”

  1. Oh my dear, I’m crying with you this afternoon, even ‘tho Joey is probably playing at the Bridge as we grieve. May you find peace in your memories.

  2. Oh, Laura, I am so sorry to read this. May Joey rest in peace and may the rest of your family find joy in your memories.


  3. im sure he’s ok and happy now, i understand the pain.
    i hope joey is happy in heaven and at the same time around you and the animal family.
    im sending you and the animals some love

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