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Joey update


People have been asking for an update on Joey. The vets have thought his progress to be a miracle. There is no longer fluid in his lungs.

Though on Friday night I noticed joeys front legs were swollen. My vet was off this weekend & by text message he said it could probably wait till Monday. Joeys legs are very big now. I speculate fluid but truly dont know. They are very sore when he walks & has that feeling of when you have a rubberband around your arm too tight. He is very hungry & thirsty – a sign his hyperthyroidism is kicking back up

Of course I have been worried! I am hoping it is some strange reaction to his herbs & we just need a change of them. His herbalist is back in the office today.

I have a funeral to go to today of my good friend Josie. So I will probably drop joey off at the vet for a good chunk of the day :-(. A lot of driving. I may even take him to the funeral with me.

Joey wants to say, “I trust my doctors & I am going to be better & enjoy life. Moms not ready to let me go she says I can live in my 20s. I believe her because there have been angels keeping fluid out of my lungs. And I’d rather be sore when I walk then not be able to breathe. I’ll be happier when I feel better.”

Oh it’s hard to see my little guy suffer. He is so amazing!

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