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I asked JoJo a 13 year old cat why he does not use the litter box.  This is what he said.
“It hurts to stretch my neck out and it hurts to step in (long strides). You know what I have hard time in the litter box cause I have to turn in such a narrow circumference. My dad gets a pain in his back down his legs and sometimes I get that. Dad, maybe you need a chiropractor too? Maybe dad and I could go together?”

This is from JoJo’s person: “We took JoJo to a feline chiropractor the next day, and he had treatments for six weeks. We also changed the litter to the recommended type and changed his litter box to a lower profile version. Since his session, he has not urinated outside of the litter box! I’m so happy that we could do something to help JoJo, especially after all the vets we’ve taken him too without any resolution. He is such a sweet kitty and I hope now he’s feeling better. You are the BEST!”

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