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Yesterday Jubilee got a deep puncture wound from stepping in the brambles. She was in a lot of pain. She kept telling us that she did not want to go to the vet. She wanted the vet to come to her. She said it over and over.

We assured her they would come to her. When Katie, Jubilee’s caretaker, called the vet they asked if Katie could haul Jubilee in. Katie being as awesome as she is respected Jubilee’s wishes and had the vet come to the farm.

They took X-rays because it was a deep puncture. Thankfully it did not puncture the bone.

She’s much happier today!

Last night she asked for a warm rice bran mash and told Katie she should take a bath to relax! Katie mentioned that her wife had just bought her bath salts!

Somehow Jubilee is a know it all! Love my beautiful girl!

Thank you Katie of Renegade Equine for taking such great care of her!

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