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Seamora’s Sunday morning selfie and words of wisdom.

She says, “When you approach animals walk slow and speak with an open heart. If you stare too much they may think you’re a crazy individual.”

💖. This is some good advice! Approaching slow with awareness is always advised. If you love animals, I’m sure you have the open heart covered. Many people are too intense with their eye contact. In the animal world holding eye contact can be a form of dominance or aggression so it’s best to have a soft eye. Sometimes when people are over excited to meet an animal they can move too fast and with too much eye contact. This does not mean that animals can’t stare into your eyes lovingly but with many animals you need to build trust first. Being conscious of having a soft eye, blinking or looking then looking away can put many animals at ease.

*please note Seamora lost her feathers many years ago. She is not plucking and is very healthy at the age of 30!

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