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Kayla 7 month old cat

When Kayla was asked why her former people brought her to the shelter she responded,

“Those people gave me up ’cause I kept pooping on their bed. I did it ’cause they were gross and they never cleaned my litter box. I was happier to get rid of them then them get rid of me. I can poop when ever I want, did you know that? I even tried to poop on my person’s lap. Okay, I am so much happier here; It was a good decision of mine.”


Comments from facebook:


  • Amy My cat never goes in her box, it is perfectly clean but she only goes outside or in the living room when she has a bone to pick with me.

  • Laura Stinchfield  Amy that could be true about having an issue with you.




  •  slippery poops – digestive issue they can not always hold it. It is not diarrhea just all of a sudden stomach cramping and then they have to go.

  • Clay litter is too dusty and it hurts their eyes and their nose,

  • crystals in the litter burn their feet,

  • top on litter box traps smell too much,

  • litter made for “multiple cat” has too strong of an odor.

  • Bladder, hips, or knees are hurting so dont want to lift their leg into the box,

  • litter too deep for older cats and it hurts body to support themselves when they go,

  • clay litter or clumping litter sticks to their feet or fur and when they groom it swells in their stomach.

  • of course bladder / kidney infection

  • physical l problems often caused by food that have a lot of grain and or sugar. fancy feast, nine lives… any supermarket brands.

  • any more…. those are the main ones

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1 thought on “Kayla”

  1. When my little Vixen could no longer step up into her litter box because of arthritis in her knees (which I knew about thanks to Laura!), I went to the auto supply store and bought oil pans, which only hold a thin layer of litter. They’re also much larger than a regular litter box so she wouldn’t have problems “missing”. She could walk directly onto them and her use of the box greatly improved. She’d still overshoot sometimes, but the floor was already ruined by then and it wasn’t as big of a deal!

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