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Laura Out And About

2013 Article: My 6 Animals Say You Should Ask For Help: http://thepetpsychic.com/2013/04/16/7019/ Makia my cat said, “I died and my mom screamed for help, and a powerful healer came in spirit and healed me. I am alive now. I know it is important to ask for help. Do you know you can request help for others and others will be helped too? It is important to believe this, because if you do, your life will be easier. You also have to say ‘Thank you’ a lot. When you are grateful, those spirits get a burst of refreshing energy. It reminds me of when I lived where the monarch butterflies migrated every year. If you ever sat in a field of thousands of monarchs you would believe in heaven, being loved, and gratitude.” Click on link above to read more.

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1 thought on “Laura Out And About”

  1. Thank you. I believe Angels were whispering in your ear. Exactly what I needed to hear (and be reminded of) when I needed it.

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