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Kochi In The Sparkly Light

This is Kochi.  He died in May 2015. He was 6 years old.

He says from Heaven to his people, “I want to tell my mom and dad that I went to the sparkly light first. It’s the light that heals you deep inside. It heals the parts of you that you dont know are stuck. I didn’t know that I had those fears so deep. The sparkly light helps the angels and the masters teach you how to be more watchful and compassionate of yourself. This is something that I want to teach my mom and dad. The wisdom to the universe is deep inside themselves and not outside.”

After the session his person writes:

Kochi was a very fearful dog, and with Laura’s session I am so grateful to know that his fears are being healed. He also said he will return to us once he has overcome his fearfulness. Laura’s session also helped us overcome our fears! Thank you Laura!

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1 thought on “Kochi In The Sparkly Light”

  1. I am constantly amazed at what the animals have to say. You’d think I’d learn to get tissues before reading.

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