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Makia – Be A Butterfly

My 20 year old cat Makia doesn’t feel so well. She’s been breathing heavy, rapid weight loss, throwing up and having soft stools. Chest X-rays look good!  

Her symptoms are similar to Serafina’s six week ago. Serafina got better on the antibiotic Zenequin. Makia can not take that because she has a low threshold to seizures so she’s on Clavamox. 
We are treating for listeria because of the Stella and Chewys food recall. I know they ate the recalled lot. Serafina is 100% better. Hoping for the same recovery for Makia.  
Makia says, “I have been sick a lot of times, but have never been this nauseous. If my food made me sick, I’m a little angry. I usually don’t get angry. I know one day I’ll be in Heaven, but I want to live some more. 

I hope all the butterflies in the world think of me as they are flying. I’m sure that energy will get me well. If you’re reading this, be a butterfly and send me love.”   

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