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Laura Out And About

Serafina has had a rough few days. She has been having problems with her eyes. Slinking around the house like a flying predator is after her and complaining about shards of light in her vision. Ohana Pet Hospital diagnosed her with hypertension. Because I had construction at the house we thought it might be stressed related. Her behavior calmed down but this morning she woke with no vision in her left eye and feeling pain in and behind her eye. Similar pain to being around camp fire smoke or those drops at the eye doctor. She is now being treated and we hope that she will be feeling better this afternoon. There is also a possibility that her eye sight will come back! My heart has been hurting the last couple of weeks. I hope that goes away as Serafina gets better. Serafina says, “I have been really scared and had to trust in time. But now I have medicine and I’m going to have faith in that. I’m glad I have a doctor that loves getting cats better.” Thank you, Dr. Nikki and all the amazing staff at Ohana!

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  1. I send you both much love. Serafina, I send you positive thoughts of healing and calmness. I hope you feel better soon. <3

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