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Dhatri on his hospital stay, muzzles and gentle leaders 😊

This is Dhatri.

He is 12 years old. Recently he had to go into the hospital because he ate dirt and pebbles.

This is what he says about his experience,

“I also I want to tell you that when I was in the hospital there was this woman there that said I couldn’t be cuter and that I reminded her of an old dog she had and I felt special at the moment. It was like she loved me but she loved her other dog through me. I was like this beacon of memory for her.

It was a special feeling and I was wondering if one day that would happen for my mom.”

I asked him if he felt like he was going to leave this plane soon and he replied.

“I thought that cause when I was there also a cat died. The cat died and when it died I saw its spirit get up and do this crazy cat stretch and meow and then I saw it leaping through the universe and I was like cats do go to heaven too. (Dhatri doesn’t like cats)”

I dont feel like I am dying…I eat stuff because I am curious and I feel like if i eat things like that it might soothe my stomach. I don’t have a hurting stomach I just have a lining of my stomach that feels good with food in it. Well like… … i eat because it soothes me. its makes me feel like snuggled in a comforter. That is how it makes my stomach feel.”

I told him the veterinarian said he might have to wear a muzzle when he goes for walks.

He replied, “Well I am not an attacker. One time I saw a dog with a gentle leader and I was like, “Why do you have a teeth restricter on”

and the dog said, It’s not restricting my teeth its trying to get me to slow down.”

I said, “just slow down then.”

He said his people walk too slow and this makes them feel more in control.

I said, “That looks uncomfortable.”

and he says, “You get used to it. Id rather have this than the choking collar.”

Then I said, “What’s the choking collar?”

He said, “It is just what it sounds like.”

and then I thought to myself, “Humans are so weird to dogs. I mean Its weird how humans think. Put a muzzle on me? That is like going in the shower with your hands tied.

Than I, Laura The Pet Psychic, asked, “How so?”

Dhatri replied, “Of course I need my mouth to go for a walk. How else to lick, communicate with other dogs, and open my mouth to breathe. That was stupid questions, Laura.”

I feel like my soul as been around for many many lifetimes but in this lifetime I feel like I will be around for many years and then I have been thinking seriously about coming back to my mom (person). I have been really thinking about this. I feel like my mom and I need to be together forever.

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