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Dear Laura,
I’m glad I found this website. Ever since I can remember I’d always
passed over your column as a bunch of typical Ojai psycho-babble crap.
However, once I got my dog, Huck, people I hold in high regard urged me
to take him to you.

I’m not sure I will–I think I’ve been getting comunications from him
since I’ve started reading your column. I became hooked when I first
read about the dog with the dead chicken in his mouth and he was sure
his owner would be thrilled.
Your column last week about the hawk and how long should we mourn was
excellent writing on many levels. Later today I look forward to having
a few beers and reading everything on your website
Oh, and here are my preceived communications with Huck.
“Without food, love is meaningless.”
“Didn’t your know I don’t like the dry food and the canned mixed
(When I was in the yard reading a magazine I remarked on his less than
enthusiastic retrieving of the ball each time I took it from him and
threw it) “How about if I throw your magazine?”
And this morning after he ate his dry food that I had mixed with
shredded cheddar cheese he lay down, licked his chops and said, “You
tried to trick me into eating the dry food.”
I replied, “yes, and you did eat it.”
He smiled and said, “Only half.”
These come into my mind before I can think of it so in my mind he’s said
these things.
A couple months ago I would have shot myself if I saw me writing this
email. Thanks for your column entertainment and care for animals.
Kenyon Ledford

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