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Sometimes I catch Luca staring off into the distance.

He was doing that right before I snapped this picture.

I asked him, “Luca what are you thinking about?”

💟He replied,”I was listening to the hum of nature. Feeling the vibe of all the wildlife.”

Of course I asked, “What is the vibe?”

💟He says, “They are quiet but content. They are cold but not too cold.”

This makes sense cause we had our first really cold night and day. It’s not exactly winter yet but it’s coming. I was thinking to myself that I have to not think about how I don’t like how it’s harder for the littles to be out in winter and I have to enjoy the weather as it is now. I guess I was synchronizing to the “vibe” of nature without even realizing it. I do try to be conscious of this being connected to nature everyday in that manner. I am glad the wildlife is not stressing about winter coming. They are calm and content. So shall we be.

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