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Luca Sees Himself For The First Time

One night I was reading when Luca my 1.5 year old poodle caught site of himself in the mirror. He started barking and growling at the mirror.  I have never heard him growl before this day.

I asked him, “What are you growling at?”

Luca responded,

“How did that dog sneak in here and why doesn’t he have a smell.”

I told Luca that what he was looking at was an image of himself.  I brought him over to the mirror to show him.  He looked at my image in the mirror turned to look at me in person and then he sat for 10 minutes looking at himself.

Luca admiring himself in the mirror. Love at first sight.

After the 10 min he decided to lie down.

Here is a video.

He is saying to me,

“How the heck does this thing work.  There are two of us and two rooms.”

I know the video is short and uneventful.  Something else happened and I got distracted.  I thought it was cute so I posted it.

After another 10 minutes looking at himself Luca fell asleep.

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