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This is Luna. She died when she was 14 years old.

She says to her human mom from Heaven,

“My mom takes happy steps with me a lot. I feel as if she feels me there when she is walking. I bounce next to her as if I am a child about to hold her hand. Mom, I want you to know that in Heaven, I am in all forms. I shoot rays of light to you. I am also in dog form. I can roll over onto my back and on my side.

I want to thank my mom for giving me life. Not like she gave birth to me but in a way where we always lived. We always made the most out of life. Not one day passed that she didn’t look at me and smile. My mom was in my life so that I could learn what it is like to feel honored and what it feels like to be loved for every bit of who I am.

I was in my mom’s life to remind her that no matter what life threw at her, she had a friend she could rely on that shared joy in her own heart.”

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