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Luna’s Thoughts

This is Luna.  She recently moved in with the family’s golden retriever Shambhu. Luna has been very aggressive to Shambhu, who is extremely sweet and tolerant. 

Luna will go to attack her, hiss at her, and swat at her.  When I spoke to Luna about it she shared a different story. 

She says, “I have been really good. I have let Shambhu run by me and have not done anything aggressive.  I have also faked sleeping as she walks by when I am on the couch. Those are really good moments for me. I have been so good.”


Luna’s people did say that she is doing a little better and that this statement of Luna’s could be true.  Luna is a work in progress. Please take a moment to visualize and feel the feeling of Luna and Shambhu happy in their friendship.

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3 thoughts on “Luna’s Thoughts”

  1. Ahhh Luna. It can be scary to meet a big Golden that is always smiling!
    I see you figuring this out and then learning to laugh like that…
    You are so lucky to have a place where you can be heard.
    Rest easy little one, peace is coming.

  2. Luna, continue to be patient with Shambhu. She may be afraid you will take the family’s attention from her. Tell her that you never want to do that and that you are so happy to have a home. Tell her you want be her friend but please don’t scare you because she is so big and you are so small.
    When you don’t know what to do ask Laura in your thoughts to help you.

  3. Just like humans, there are some people we have an instant relationship with and some we don’t. Some relationships have to be built upon.

    Years ago I had a toy poodle, Mike, and a cat, Sally. They were inseparable to the point that when Sally went into labor Mike jumped into the bed with Sally and after each of the 5 kittens were born, 3 hours apart for each, Mike would wash the placenta off each kitten and the clean Sally.

    Sally wouldn’t allow Mike to leave her sight that night so Mike and I sleep in the hallway outside the bathroom.

    Sally would leave the kittens twice a day for a short break but not before Mike jumped in with the kittens to spell her.

    Mike would wash the kittens while Sally was gone.

    The had a truly remarkable bond!

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