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Shambhu’s Thoughts

This is Shambhu. A family cat, Luna, has just moved into her home.  Sweet Shambhu has been attacked by Luna several times.  Shambhu says about Luna,



“She’s naughty.  Will she hurt me badly?  She is bossy and doesn’t listen to the family. I have seen every family member talk with her with love and she just doesn’t listen. 


Can we find a German Shepherd to come into the house to teach Luna to stop.”


I thought the comment of the getting a German Shepherd is so funny.  Hudson would just run away, so he is not the shepherd for the job. I believe Shambhu has a neighbor whose a shepherd.  She is probably thinking about that particular dog. 


Please take a moment to visualize and feel the feeling of Luna and Shambhu happy in their friendship.



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3 thoughts on “Shambhu’s Thoughts”

  1. What? We don’t get Luna’s side of the story? I’m sure she has some interesting things things to say.

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