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Maia Helping Wolves Update 10/07/10

The other morning I was meditating when I felt Maia swiftly arrive.  She is full of energy.  “Mom, follow me.” she says.  She brings me to the wilderness somewhere north.  I look at the trees and know that it must be Montana, Idaho or Alaska. I am not sure of the exact location.  I see a wolf mother and her cubs in a moist burrowed den.  The small cubs’ stomachs are burning with hunger and pain.

“What is this?”  I ask Maia.

“Mom, look at this” She says and shows me a bin full of dog food and poison next to a barbed wire fence.  “The ranchers are feeding the wolves poison.  Mom, when the cubs nurse the milk is hurting their bellies.  I feel they are dying.  What can I do?”

Her sadness is deep into a consciousness I have never been before.  I question to myself, “Why is she asking me? Shouldn’t there be someone, or something, or some entity helping Maia with this?”  “Maia, tell the wolves not to eat out the bins.” I offer her.

I don’t recall hearing a reply but I remember feeling her energy withdraw as quickly as it arrived.

Last week, she told me that the wolves’ instincts are being affected by the helicopters that are shooting at them.  She explained that when the ravens fly over the wolves, the wolves cringe with instinctual fear.  The stoic species has never before flinched in the presence of a shadow of the winged creatures.  Nature is no longer the same.  Humans have made their destructive footprint once again.

Here on earth I strive to raise consciousness and understanding while Maia in the dimensions above is fighting for a species she was once apart of here on earth.

Now four days later I ask Maia, “What has happened with the wolves?”

She replies, “When I talk to them they do not hear me as a wolf dog spirit separate from themselves.  They hear me as wind entering their essence.  You call it ‘intuition’.  They have stopped eating the food.  Three of the pups have died as well one of the elder wolves.  It is a pack of six to ten wolves that I look over.  Many of the spirits that are helping me did not have the gift of talking to animals on earth.  That is why I come to you.”

I ask Maia, “It sounds like you miss me and earth sometimes.  Is that true?”

Maia’s reply, “Yes, I miss you all very much.  There are some souls that will always be more closely bonded than others.  I miss the connection with you everyday and I hope to come back to earth soon.  In the meanwhile, I have a lot of work to do here.  I am learning fast.  Mom, the wild animals need your work.  Human ignorance is tainting and killing the wild.”

I ask, “Maia there have been a few consecutive days where I did not feel you around.  Where were you?”

Maia’s reply, “Spiritual ones on earth would call it meditating.  It is when I allow my energy to be infused with every essence around me.  It is what some would call emptiness.  Even here it is important to quiet the chatter and allow your spirit to expand in evolution.”

I ask Maia, “What is the best thing about heaven?”

Maia replies, “The stronger and purer spirit you are the more you can help change what is wrong in the world.  Here one can see the results of their work faster than on earth.  You can tell everyone who is working towards making the world a better place that every action does make a difference.  They should let that knowing beat strong in their hearts.”

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3 thoughts on “Maia Helping Wolves Update 10/07/10”

  1. Carol MaHarry (Jessica's mother)

    Thank you so much for writing these comments from your wolf dog. They are so beautiful. We are so concerned about the killing of the wolves so needlessly. Your gift of intuition and being open to the spirit world is amazing.

  2. Laura, i love this.. i definately think and know you will have your own TV show sometime soon. The masses are ready for it. But there will be a time when they are even more ready for it, so let that come and happen so it is a huge success and have an even more profound effect on the masses that could lead to shutting down the meat industry and all other issues surrounding human ignorance of animals. I am looking forward to the time when i can make my handbag line 100% vegetarian leather and ultimately change the industry but i can only do it when the masses are ready to receive it. I am hoping it will be soon, but i know it will be in our life time and we can leave our legacy for decades to come.. I will definately keep my ears open for someone who can take the show to Animal Planet or somewhere else. I have some ideas and will put it out there to the right people. xoxo love you so much. Fred misses you! they all adore you. xoxoxo

  3. Dear Laura,
    Working with you as already changed the way I am with animals, in playing and caring for them. I’ve always dreamed of getting a communication from one of our loved ones that have reached the other planes and letting us know what it feels like. And, what we can learn to be a better species on this plane called earth. Thank you. And, many many blessings to you and your so loving family. big hugs and appreciation, Sherry G.

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