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In the days before Mascha passed away she said,

Do you know that women look in the mirror a lot.  Well maybe I can make the light flicker in the mirror.”

Meaning that after she died she would try to giver her mom (person) a sign that she is around and  ok.

Her person just wrote this to me:

Mascha had assured me she’d let me know she’s okay, and said she might do it in a sunbeam or in the kitchen, but she also made a crack about women looking in the mirror a lot and that she might make a light flicker in the mirror. 

Well, about a week after she died I got up for work and did a bit of an unusual thing…I turned on my overhead bedroom light instead of my nightstand light.  I literally never do that, ever. 

About 30 minutes later I sat down in my bathroom to dry my hair and the bedroom light turned off.  I briefly thought the power had gone off, but the hair dryer was still on and so was the bathroom light.  The light turned back on…then off…then on again with no disruption to any other electricity. 

I knew at that moment that Mascha was letting me know she was okay.

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1 thought on “Mascha”

  1. Just gave me a chill! My little Vixen told Laura she intended to sit with me often when she was in spirit, but she has never done anything that dramatic. I think of her every day, and would like to think that she is near me then. And I would love to know her opinion of the two kittens, my “Golden Boys”! I know that Frankie’s spirit has been around to show them how to get into my kitchen cabinets, because the first one they targeted was his favorite one to open and walk into. Used to drive my mother crazy! I don’t mind that one so much, but have had to wire the others shut that have access to the area under the sink where there are dangerous items that could hurt them. I can only imagine my mother’s spirit’s reaction to their hanging out sitting on all the pots, pans, & baking dishes!

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