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Max Quotes


Max’s recently has been rescued from a shelter his current people have just split up.  He says, “I want to ask a question. I want to know what is like to be a human with a heart that is torn into two different places.  I see it with my mom and dad the same that I had with my people. They loved me but they couldn’t keep me and mom and dad seem to be doing the same thing with each other. You know what would have worked for my people and me is for them to let me be a dog and then on times I could be part human (domesticated dog). That might work for my mom and dad. Mom let dad be dad and dad let mom be mom and then you can be human together sometimes.

He also shared, “I have a stomach like a man who eats lots of pizza. It means that I can eat a lot with out needing to throw up.”

On going to the vet he says, “It has been explained it to me but they also cut me in places that I was never hurt (neutered).”

I explain that neutering is so that he doesn’t have puppies.  Max answers, “Well I wasn’t planning on having puppies.”

We ask Max if he is ok with leaving the country and living in the city asks me to tell his mom, “Mom, if I go to the city with you I am sacrificing walks in the country so you can figure out what you want to do. I am ok with that. Maybe something amazing will happen to us there and you will meet another man with lots of land or maybe someone we know will have a place to walk me. Its ok. I know it wont be forever because when we are there you are happier cause your mind and body feel different but you are not happier like you will live their forever.”

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