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Minnie Kins

Minnie Kins Died At 3 years 11 months

Minnie Kins says from heaven,

“I went to heaven in a basket. I was being carried in a basket and I had flower peddles all over me and this princess looking woman that sort of looked like mom came to me and she told me that I have just the right spirit to be of help.

She said that they had been having problems with a little girl that died of cancer and she is trapped in the worlds below heaven and she will not travel with any angel to heaven.

She said I am just the right spirit. So I went in my basket and lied down in front of the little girl and the little girl held me and hugged me for a long time and then I led her to heaven.”

There are times during sessions where I begin to cry.  Usually this is the intense emotion of the animal running through me.  In this session, I was crying.  The image of the little girl trapped in the middle worlds was almost devastating to me.  The vision of Minnie Kins helping the little girl to heaven was extraordinary.  This is a session I will always remember.

It is terribly hard to loose our animals when they are so young.  We must remember that there is a greater plan.  Minnie Kins had an instant job to do.

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5 thoughts on “Minnie Kins”

  1. I am not sure what caused Minnie Kins early death, but I want her mommy to know that I rub hearts with her completely. Laura talked to my 4 year old Lily who died April 6th from a vet’s awful mistake. What a beautiful story of helping this little girl and what a gift of peace given to Minnie Kins’ mom. We are blessed to have been led to Laura. Hugs and peace to all involved.

  2. OH, Laura!! Just beautiful!! It drew instant tears for me. I can only imagine how intense that must of been for you and Minnie’s owners. XOXO!!!
    Miss you and hope all is well!!

  3. Barbara Barsby

    I am happy to have found this website! Really enjoy reading about someone who’s able to talk with animals. I wish I could do it as well.

    Thank you for sharing!!!

  4. Laurie, Minnie's Mommy

    I’m so thankful that Laura spoke to Minnie. I really want Minnie back here with me, but I know that she is the perfect spirit for the job of helping children. She’s the most loving spirit I’ve ever known. I miss her dearly, but I know she still comes to visit me. A few weeks ago my mother took a random picture of me, and who was there by my feet? Minnie!! Her golden spirit was in the picture right by my feet following me like she used to. It’s unfortunate that her life was so short, but I know we will meet again 🙂

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