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Moby is an amazing example of how much animals understand.  She brought many of topics up that we did not ask her about.

Here she talks about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Moby says, “I know about what happened and when a lot of people die at once they have fear in their spirit and sometimes angels need to come. I saw the angels they came in huge winds and these angels were just trying to find a break in the atmosphere to be able to help. They are still helping but people are forgetting and the angels dont want people to forget. “

Here she talks about love and death.  Moby says,

“I think love is an emotion that makes you healthy and it makes you see. I think when you love the most you can see what is happening in the world in a brave way.
Death is sad because if you are not ready and if you had passions in the world you may think it came too soon. I think a lot of people and animals felt that. But really if you are wise inside of your spirit, at the heart of your spirit you are honest, then death is beautiful like the best feeling you could ever experience. Like my mom and dad loving me.”

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2 thoughts on “Moby”

  1. that is SO GOOD. I work in a small hospital where people come to die on a regular basis, especially this time of year.

    When I hear of someone who died after they had been struggling to let go, I feel very happy at the news. It’s not socially appropriate to show too much happiness when someone dies, but it’s what I feel. Moby said it perfectly, “death is beautiful like the best feeling you could ever experience. Like my mom and dad loving me.”

    The palliative care room is a special place, like a little chapel. Angels and spirit relatives of the dying come into the room through a ‘spirit door’ in the wall and guide people through it to heaven.

    The dying people are always so joyful to see these spirits.

  2. I have the same view of death but you’re right, it isn’t socially acceptable to express too much happiness. I cried very little when I visited my mother last year when she was in palliative care at the end of her life here because I knew what was coming was going to be joyous. I sometimes get lost in the sadness of missing her physical presence, but I never lose that underlying feeling of happiness for her.

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