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Moxi is doing great!

Dear Laura,
we feel very grateful for the time you spent with Moxie. We have felt closer to her and I believe she feels closer to us. Amazing news, since you both spoke- she uses the bathroom outside! There was one accident, which was at night-  it was not a worry.

I have been speaking with  Moxie and visioning things to communicate. I had an experience early in the morning of Moxie barking to get my attention and then she turned into a big dog barking in my dream, I was sure Moxie was trying to tell me she needed outside to pee. I got up- she needed out.

Because she is potty trained, she is able to be in the house and we are all enjoying her personality more and her delightful ways. Your gifts have helped us bring this family closer, thank-you so much.

You asked about a quote- please use any quote you think works best to promote what you do. I picked one- but I trust that you will find the one that is most helpful to animals and their owners.


“I get nervous in my body where I cant think about what I want to do.  I like to be smart but sometimes I have a hard time finding that part of my brain. I’ll ask my brain a question and I cant always find the answer.  I ask my brain how not to be nervous or what I should do.”

We will look forward to speaking again. I have told so many people about you- they have asked for your name after hearing about this experience.



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