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joey%20on%20porch.jpgJOEY: “I have noticed that when people are walking by their footsteps are louder than usual. They should walk quieter. People would be less confused if they looked just outside themselves. I think they should eat well too. There is more garbage in the yard. I don’t think fruit comes in wrappers right?”
maias%20head.jpgMAIA: “I think the best way to stay happy to help each other. I have a new friend that helped my body and she didn’t want money for it. I am very thankful. Getting rest is important too.”
makiacatstand.jpgMAKIA: “The one way to stay happy and healthy is to study what you love to do. Otherwise you talk about all the bad things happening and you forget about how powerful you are. Everyone is smart, just smart at different things. I am very experienced at meditation. I am good at asking the angels to keep the bad energy away from our family and to surround us in their light. It’s a big job! Asking for help is important.”
storms%20head.jpgSTORM: “Remember to play. Try to calm yourself before you get angry. If you do act angry say you’re sorry. You can say sorry to yourself, who you got angry at, or to an angel if you’d like. Drink water or you will be clogged. Let your friends love you and make you laugh.”
serafina%20on%20porch.jpgSERAFINA: “Maybe people should spend more time looking at birds and flowers. I always feel refreshed after I watch ants for a while. They are very busy and what they do makes sense. Touching a tree is helpful. Sometimes when people pet me I see everything inside of them. I think it would help people if they found a way to organize everything inside of them. Organized people seem happier.”
beanplant.jpgBEAN: “The hardest part for me is trusting others while knowing who to stay away from. I think I have a really good idea of the difference. I just get scared. Maybe everyone should learn to trust themselves first. Eating healthy treats is fun too.”

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