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Dear Laura,
I definitely want to hear what your posse has to say about the way animals view love.
Sincerely, Julia

Dear Julia,
This should be very interesting.
makia%20on%20chair.at.jpg Makia (pure white cat who lost her voice for a whole year while keeping my ex-husbands secrets): “Love is being awake when others are speaking to you. Love makes your lungs cleaner and your mind less worried.”
joey%20lying%20down%20in%20dirt.at.jpgJoey (my oldest cat): “Love is understanding that when one hurts another with hisses or swats it may not be because of hate it may be because there is an old memory involved”

serafina%20lying%20down.at.jpg Serafina (5 year old cat who I found in the woods starving): “Love is the knowledge that when you are lonely the sky will take care of you. I also feel that our family is made up of love. It is also being content on the front porch when there was a time that you only felt safe in the back yard.”

maia%20looking%20sweet.at.jpg Maia (12 year old wolf-hybrid): “Love is caring when everyone else turns away and love is seeing the very best inside even though the worst is happening.”
storm%20raincoat%20love.at.jpg Stormy (Aussie who I picked out when he was two days old so I could keep his tail): “Love is looking someone in the eyes and telling them they are beautiful and kind. It is also when my mom and I dance around the living room. We do this in private because it is so much fun.”

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