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~On the Road~ Life in the Van: Ella

Ella is nocturnal by nature and loves to sleep under the covers during the day.  So there are not that many photos of her during the trip.  Here are a couple of her visiting with her siblings.

Ella says,

“It was the longest I have ever been in the car.  The only time I enjoyed it was when it stopped. Then I could smell the difference between places.  That was really neat.”


One night at a campground, I took her out of the RV on a leash.  She was trying to race into the woods. She was not thinking clearly.  I actually thought if she got loose, I may lose her for good.  I tried to explain to her why it’s important to stay close to the RV but she seemed in a feral state.

She says now,

“Everything felt so foriegn. I didn’t even feel  comfortable with what I knew. I was scared for myself too. I felt better in the RV.  I was glad you took me out, because it made me realize I don’t want to go outside until we are home safe.”


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