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This is Tipu. He is ten months old. We believe he is a reincarnation of his person’s late dog, Jalla. Without me asking, Tipu shares his memories of his former life,

“You know the old days where you used to come over and scratch my butt and tell me I was a handsome boy? (I used to do that!) I remember those days. I also remember the day where I was in the back of the car, and I had to go night-night, and my night-night day felt like I was falling into stars. (When he was Jalla, I said goodbye to him in the car before he passed away). When I woke up, I was in a Heaven greater than all Heavens. I found myself less confused and more alive, and even though there was pain on earth, there was no pain in my heart.”

My sweet friend is back again!

Jalla 1/2/04-12/03/12

Tipu (Jalla back!) Born 3/8/20

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