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Paca is an amazing dog.  I was talking to his person about when it is time to let our loved ones go.  I always feel the time is getting closer when the animals have more suffering in a day than joy. Paca in his sweetness then wanted to share everything he loves and enjoys.

Paca says, “I like my mom and I like the way she talks to me and I love my life with her.  I like the way the cold wind blows on my body and my face.  I like to sleep at night when my dad is sleeping because it is cooler in the house.  I love the way my dad smells and the way he talks to me like he does not want me to suffer too.  I love the way my mom takes me all over the place so she can learn about healing and I can try to be better.

I love that I have lived this long on three legs and I think I am such an amazing dog who has accomplished so much that I am just not sure I am done.  I want mom to write a story about me and post it on the wall with a picture of me because my mom has learned a lot from me.

I want to be brave and not die to soon.  Because I think that I had a second chance to live when I was young and I promised my self I would make the most out of every minute.

I like to see the birds that are hear in the winter and I like them to know that I am ok outside and I witness them taking flight and flying through the windy breeze against the current of the wind.  They fly hard to get to their nests sometimes.  I

love every day with my mom and I never want her to think that I isolate away from her I fight to be with her another day because I think that is what she wants and needs.

When it is my time to die I will let go gracefully I will stop my fighting and I will fly on the wind like the birds using the wind to get to their nests faster when the wind is blowing in the same direction.  That is how I will get to heaven.

I am not scared of dying I am just scared of not using the most of what I have and giving up too soon.  But if I have to live like this I can go one more month or four more weeks and if something doesn’t change I may seem worse and then we will make the decision and I say we because mom always ask my opinion and for that I am always grateful.”

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