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People upset & Joey Update

Written 8/29/11 in the PM

Joey Update:

Thank you everyone for your support. Joey got an x-ray today. His heart looks good – we feared congested heart failure. His blood work shows kidneys and liver good. So we do not know why he has this edema. Both his vet and Chinese herbalist suggest giving Joey more time to see if he can pull out of this.

Joey says, “I can feel so many thinking about me. It all makes me feel really special. I’m sure the angels are listening. Maybe as I sleep they will heal me.”


Written 8/29/11 In the Am:

It seems my newsletter & posts have upset a few of people.

Here is my response to one email that can also be a response to others.  I was so upset by Cindy’s email as was Joey.  I had a hard time with it.  But we feel much better now.

Hi Cindy,

I thank you for your concern. I will address this on my blog

Though I must say that this too is my field & I would never suggest to a client to help an animal pass before they are ready. That could be very dangerous to their experience in the after life.

I am completely confident that joey and I will make the right decision to help him pass at the right time.

This is not about me or my ego or my fears. I have helped & buried many animals. I have a strong connection to the otherside. It is not something this family fears This is about Joey and his life. He is very capable of telling me when he is ready.

And he may surprise us. We are open to miracles. If not he will die knowing he was heard and his wishes were understood.

Thank you for joeys concern.

All my best, Laura

On Aug 29, 2011, at 10:25 AM, Cindy wrote:


While I sympathize with your love for Joey and his unwillingness to face death, as a human you have the power (through your actions and medical tools) to release him from his pain. As a psychic, it is your duty to face your own fears and begin doing work that will ultimately help thousands of humans and animals by example. Joey is very old. Hanging on under the pretense of ‘waiting for him to be ready’ is silly. Show everyone how you can ease a loved pet’s transition to the next life. Contact your own oversoul and understand where your fear comes from. We love you, but your message is becoming very self-serving, now.

If you want/need to talk about this, please call.

-=Cindy (pretty psychic, herself)


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1 thought on “People upset & Joey Update”

  1. Laura,
    With all the amazing things you have done to help us you should use your blog to let us know whenever there is anything we can do to help you and your animals. You know your animals best and should do exactly what you feel needs to be done to honor their wishes. Joey must know that he isn’t ready yet, just as Makia knew it was not time for her to go a few weeks ago. If Joey wants to fight then he should be allowed to as long as he can. It’s agonizing to make the decision to end a life when you don’t know what the animal is thinking and wants. I’m so glad you are able to know that he wants to fight and you can help him do that without feeling guilty. I feel very blessed that you were able to help with Cobi’s very unexpected transition 2 months ago. At first she was not ready to go but after talking with you and Stormy she was and with your help she crossed over happily and very quickly. She told us after she passed it was the right thing to do and that she is so happy now watching over us and guiding us without any pain. Joey will know when it’s time and so will you. I support your decision with all the love and hope we can give to you and your family.

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