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Pet Psychic Radio 09/20/11

 On Today’s Show:

I told a story about a haunted trailer and how I had to help a young child and a man to the other side, we spoke to a dog about their new home, some deceased animals and to Bambi the rescue dog who is learning to be compassionate to others…

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Guest Name *

Liesl Wilhardt

What Is Your Passion or Your Story

I have loved dogs my entire life, and always hoped to start a dog rescue. “Luv-a-Bull” was founded 12 years ago. I began with rescuing only Pit Bulls and Bully breeds. About 3 years ago, we added small breed dogs to our program. We are a non-profit, 501c3 organization. I have a Master’s degree from Harvard University. I studied religion and public policy. My own spirituality led me to the path of “dog rescuer.” I am inspired by the Buddhist philosophy of “compassionate action.” I believe I have an obligation to do what I can to end suffering, and saving dogs from “death row” in shelters is my way to do this. Many of them have been hurt, physically and emotionally. My sanctuary, Luv-a-Bull, and the wonderful people who work here, give these dogs the opportunity to heal and move on to better lives.

Rescue Name:

Luv-a-Bull and Luv-a-Little Rescue

Rescue Website:



Luv-a-Bull PO Box 50367
Eugene, Or 97405
United States
What Do You Want Us To Mention On The Show or Ask You
It would be great if we could mention that we are entirely funded by donations and would welcome any, and that donations are tax-deductible and can be made through our PayPal account!
I would also love to mention that The Heigl Foundation of Los Angeles has been extremely generous to Luv-a-Bull, and is the main reason we are able to save so many dogs from the L.A. shelter system.

Name of Animal Needs A Home:


2 years
Pit Bull
Bambi Needs A Person

Adopt Bambi
History or Story
Bambi is a Pit Bull who was rescued from a shelter in California in December of 2010and came to us soon after. We do not know how she came to be in the shelter. She was spayed and has not had puppies that we know of.Bambi passed all of her shelter-conducted temperament tests. They found her to be perfect with people and “good” with other dogs. Bambi is very gentle, submissive, trusting and loving with all people. Bambi loves everybody! When she first arrived at our facility, she was also friendly to other dogs, but this soon changed. Since her arrival here, we have introduced her to a variety of dogs belonging to people who hoped to adopt her, and she would lash out aggressively toward the dogs. She is also not friendly to any of the other large dogs here at the rescue, except for one female Pit Bull, and recently, after many weeks of slowly introducing them, a male Pit Bull. Bambi does not seem to be as aggressive toward little dogs. My feeling about Bambi’s aggression is that she is very afraid that the other dog is going to hurt her, so she attacks first, and goes on the offensive. Our problem is that nobody wants to adopt her since she is showing “dog-aggression.”
Questions You Would Like To Ask The Animal
I would like to know why Bambi is so fearful and distrusting of other dogs. I would like to ask her if another dog hurt her in the past. I would like to know what I can do when introducing her to a new dog to make her feel more secure, so that she does not have to immediately “assume the worst” and become aggressive and lash out at the dog. I would like to know how she is most comfortable meeting a new dog…what approach should we take? I would like to know what kind of a home she would like to have. Does she want to live in a home with another dog she can trust, or would she prefer to be the only dog? How can I best explain to potential adoptors what her concerns and fears are? And why does she love and trust people so much? She is soooo loving and submissive!
Anything else?
Our rescue organization has successfully adopted out hundreds of dogs over the years. We try very hard to make the best match of dog to person, based on factors of compatibility. We really try to understand the dog first, and then look for the best possible match in a human caretaker. We ask people to think hard about their activities and lifestyle and what type of dog personality and breed would best suit them. We give them as much information about each of our dogs as we possibly can. We believe that there is a person for every dog and a dog for every person, and that with some patience and time, we can make both dogs and people happy.



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