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Pet Psychic Radio Show 6/23/11

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This week we talk to Aloha – a dog who was kicked repetitively for barking at a stranger at her local park, a cat who mysteriously disappeared 9 years ago, a dog who pees on her persons bed, a cat who has a visitor and this weeks featured guest Pierce a beautiful German Shepherd – He talks about what his old owners use to do to him, why he has the scar on his muzzle and what kind of home he would like.

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This Weeks Featured Adoptable Pet

Pierce – 2 year old German Shepherd



Pierce is not for the faint of heart. He is a very intense shepherd with a strong prey drive. No small dogs, no cats and no kids for this macho male. Clearly, who ever had Pierce before we rescued him from a shelter treated him very harshly—he has a burned impression of a muzzle on his face and this scar will never disappear.

Pierce requires a very experienced handler who does not intend to interact with a lot of smaller animals or kids. Someone looking for an overprotective dog, or someone reclusive would be his ideal human. He has shown NO aggression toward people at all—quite the contrary, he is athletic and affectionate. He is bright and will learn with leadership, but he is headstrong and athletic as well. We have enrolled Pierce in an intensive one-on-one training program to help him get off to a fresh start, and he is learning some agility moves, too

For More Info on Pierce or other dogs available at

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County

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Thank you Shawn for bringing Pierce on the show today and for all that you do!




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1 thought on “Pet Psychic Radio Show 6/23/11”

  1. Thanks. I enjoyed speaking with you and your newsletter. I did get “my” dog at a local shelter: a 4 year old female blue heeler-Shepherd mix whose coat looks like a quilt. I am a quilter. I made my peace with not having Diego, a deceased Maltese. I’ll see him again, but now, Sis needs to be with me. You gave me the courage (my reading your newsletters) and e-mailing my friend Marge (who gave me your name/address) to find a new “pal” at the local shelter. Thank you for all you do. Lilia

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