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Relax Your Mind ~ Eliminate Static Interference

I have a situation going on that is taking up a lot of my thought process. It whirls around my mind and creates an unsettling feeling in my body. I worry; I create scenarios in my head about what may happen and I try and plan the best course of action.

Because my mind has been preoccupied I have missed two important moments. The other day, when I arrived home from dinner, my animals acted differently than normal. The cats were staring at me and rubbing up against me and Luca, my one-year-old poodle, was a little anxious when I came into the house. I didn’t ask them what was wrong because they seemed healthy. I assumed their neediness was because I worked long hours that day.

In retrospect, I should have sat down and asked them how they were, because I found out later that they witnessed something that made them very nervous. I won’t go into the details; suffice it to say I should have known something was up.

The next night, I was feeding all the animals when I noticed that Stormy and Luca (my dogs) were lying in the entranceway by the back door, whereas they usually lie in the kitchen. Stormy was staring at me. I thought his intensity was because he was straining to see me so I let it be for about an hour. When my cat Serafina didn’t show up for dinner I went looking for her, and found her locked outside the back door. Stormy had been trying to let me know.

Sadly, my mind has been so cluttered that I have missed important communication from my animals. Even for the average person it is important to take notice of your pets’ body language and behavioral changes. Then investigate to see if your animals are trying to tell you something.

Feeling guilty that I didn’t listen, I ask my animals now, “What should I do to be more conscious of your communications when I am stressed?”


Stormy, my Aussie, says, “When you feel stressed you should either write it out, meditate, or go for a run so it empties out of your mind and body. You know what you need to do about the situation, so do it and then you will feel better.”


Luca says, “You should know that when you are nervous I get nervous.”


Makia my cat says, I think everyone should make a point of being calm with their animals as soon as they come home. You would for sure have known then.”


Serafina my cat says, “I like it when you do animal check-ins and you make sure we are all okay, and you scan our bodies and ask us how we are. That way you always know. When you do that I feel safe.”


Bean, the bunny, says, “Mom, you get information from all over the place: from us, from energy in the environment, from angels or beings on the other side. If you don’t take time to meditate, all that information will just make you stressed. You tell everyone that everything happens for a reason, so have faith that there is a reason for this situation.”


Maia, wolf dog in heaven, says, “Sometimes dark energies may give you distractions from your projects so that you don’t bring light into the world. It is important to keep moving towards creating light no matter what. Do not allow your mind to get stuck worrying; move forward. When you are moving forward you are more alert and have more energy. You would have known instantly that something was wrong with the animals or that Serafina was outside.”


Joey, cat in heaven, says, “In your life so many worlds collide. It is important to have goals and to move towards fulfilling them. There are so many that are watching out for you and your animal family here in heaven. Breathe, and don’t allow any negative thoughts to bleed over the positive.”

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