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Rex Teaches Maia To Play Bow In Heaven


When I asked Rex, who is in heaven, if he saw my Maia he said, “I did see your Maia. I made sure of it and when I saw her she was running through the woods and she said teach me how to play bow. So I gave her a lesson in play bowing.”

Play bowing sort of looks like the yoga pose “down dog”. Dogs lean back on their body, their front arms close to the ground and their butt sticks up in the air. I didn’t think of it before this but Maia never played in this pose she chased …and spun but never “play bowed”. Stormy does. Maia’s spine had severe arthritis and she was abused there before I got her so she it must of hurt. It hurt her to be on her back as well. Which is one reason why I don’t like alpha rolls. The dog can be aggressive cause pain in their body then you but them on their back and create more pain. Sort of got off the subject :-). Maia is play bowing in heaven!!

This Is What Play Bow Looks Like
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