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Rudy 5 year old male

Rudy says,

“Can I tell my mom something when she sat me down and she told me that I need to listen to the other dogs and go to the bathroom where they go I understood her. I have been going outside cause I learned.

At my old home my person she had anxiety. She took medicine to make her stay calm and I was a dog to keep her calm but she said I gave her more anxiety. I told her that she should nap more because she stays up too late at night and she didn’t listen. She gave me away cause she said that I was not smart but I thought I was smart.
She had me since I was little and she sometimes would drink so much she would forget to take me out.

I want to say that my mom and dad have special talks with me that tell me how to understand them. They tell me to be quiet and they look at me and they teach me to listen. Also my mom sometimes when she pets me she tells me how much a good boy I am and I am learning to listen to people with my ears and my mind.

I learned this family wants you to go out and they have an alive brain. I am learning.”

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