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Sadie & Boo

Sadie & Boo


Sadie and Boo are 7 years old.  We asked if they are fighting for real or play fighting. Here is what they answer and say about their relationship:


Sadie says,

“I am really fighting. He has me really annoyed. Sometimes I bat him on the head for play and sometimes I bat him because he has hit me too hard or kicked at me too hard to has told me that I am not smart and we all know that I am smarter than he is. Sorry Boo. I love you but I am more intelligent.”


Boo says,

“I am always playing. I never fight for real and it is true Sadie is smarter than me but it is ok I am more loving. I have more of softness in me. She is more hard core. She is like a fiery bug that keeps trying to get out the window.”

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