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This is Scamper. He is 16 years old. He had some heart and kidney issues. His person made some changes. A few of those are one of his diuretics decreased, he had an antibiotic shot and was put on a mushroom supplement.

He says, “I have been feeling much better. I feel that the air I am breathing is more pure. I can feel the purity of the air now. When I am running and playing, I feel as if I am more agile and less dizzy. I sometimes get nauseous, and I don’t like that feeling. Do you know there is a meat that I like that I also feel is good for me? It’s ground-up meat, and I eat three big spoonfuls of it. It’s incredibly tasty. I feel perfect. I also notice that I sleep better at night, and also I don’t get anxious in the late afternoon or early evening like I did before. My teeth bother me on the left side when I bite down and also in the front on the right. But I am doing really well. When mom gives me my medicine, I think to myself that my neck doesn’t hurt as much anymore because they are giving it to me in such a better way.

* When our animals are older, we often believe they can’t get better or will get worse. This is not always the case. We can often help them feel better. We must have faith and build a support system (veterinarians and friends) we trust.

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