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This is Bas. He died at 19 years old. Here are a few things he said during our session:

“I want my Mom to know that when I got sick inside, I felt that she healed me for a long time. I felt that my body was just deteriorating. I feel that my Mom helped me live way longer than I was supposed to live. I learned how to be happy when I had pain. I learned how my Mom and her love energy could sustain me for longer.”

“There is this father man here. He is very loving to me, always telling me that I am handsome and that I am amazing in the way I can explore different realms. This man loves to take notes. He is very good at dictating notes to other angels so that they get tasks done. I want my Mom to know that we both can help her.”

“I went into my heart; I brought from the center of it this knowledge of peace within all creatures of the universe. I feel that is what we are. We are this translucent peace of all life. Mom, I am so grateful to you.”

“Sometimes I live as a cat, climbing this enormous cat stand pole. It’s enormous. It’s like a tree, but it’s a catstand pole. As I climb it, I see different types of angels. Mom, sometimes I see you, but you are like a fairy angel. Mom, you have a fairy angel self here.”

* His person writes after the session: Laura is an exceptional, one-of-a-kind Pet Psychic, a true blessing to animals and humans alike. I have now had four sessions with Laura, and each one has been a revolution in my relationship with my pets. I am so glad to be able to receive these insights and give my animal family the care and attention that they deserve, to be able to really meet their needs and reduce their suffering in old age and illness.”

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