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Scotty & Elvis’s Thoughts

This is Scotty and Elvis. 


Elvis says, “One day, I want to be my mom’s and dad’s baby. It feels like the next natural step after being a dog. Maybe Scotty and I can be twins.”


Scotty responds, “I don’t want to be a baby. I want to be a dog. Being a dog is great fun.  We can play, learn, eat and sleep.  Everything else is too complicated for me. If Elvis wants to deal with paying the bills or turning off the water if something is leaking, he can deal with that without me.”


Scotty is very smart and, in many ways, human-like.  Their person reminded me that years ago, Scotty had told me he had been a person in a past life and died at the age of five.  He lives an awesome doggy life now!

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