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The Pet Psychic: Animal Zone S5 Ep12 The Pet Psychic ® Talks With A Vietnam Veteran & A Retired Polo Pony On How They Help Each-Other

Meet Al Vuocolo, a Vietnam veteran. He reveals how horses have helped him heal from the war. At his beautiful ranch in the Upper Ojai Valley, we meet one of the horses Al takes care of, Tamara, a retired polo pony. We discover how they help each other.

Arthur Von Wiesenberger is the host of Animal Zone



Featuring  Al Vuocolo and Tamara 





Al is a good friend.  He used to take care of Jubilee before the Thomas Fire.  My family loves Al!

Even Felix lets Al hold him (and that says a lot)!




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Did you love Lassie growing up? If you did, you’ll really love AnimalZone this week because there are a lots of Lassies, at least of the Collie variety. Mitch Telson of Southland Collie Rescue, explains all the great attributes of Collies. From being one of the smartest dogs they are also a great family companion. Collies are excellent herding dogs, sensitive and extremely loyal.


Then we meet Al Vuocolo, a Vietnam veteran, who reveals how horses have helped him heal from the war. At his beautiful ranch in the Ojai Valley we meet one of his therapy horses and Laura Stinchfield, The Pet Psychic, discovers what the horse feels.


At the Santa Barbara Humane Society a young girl learns how to properly approach a dog and demonstrates the right way to handle a new best friend.


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