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Sheldon’s Thoughts

This is Sheldon.  He passed away at 16 years old.  Even though I have just met Sheldon via phone consultations, he became a good friend of mine over the years.  Because of Covid and Sheldon’s rapid health decline, he had to be euthanized at the hospital.  His people would have rather him die at home.  


 Sheldon said from Heaven, “In the hospital, I felt like I was at home. The lighting looked like home and smelled s like my sleeping area. There seemed there was a spiritual fog around me.  I saw my mom and dad, and I smelled home, and then I just heard this calling of my name, and mom’s dad in Heaven said, “Fly like a bird to me. I will guide you here.  You can run at the park.”  I felt this lifting up, but I also felt this stroking of my body and kissing me.  I felt my love in two places.


I want them to know that I love them so much. My life with them made me a super being.  They taught me how to feel safe and enjoy my people; they made me wiser by talking with me all the time. It was a life where I became a super being. I am forever grateful.  There is a golden light that connects us. I can feel them talking with me and loving me still.  I don’t feel lost or alone. I have their family, but I also have them. My death moment was freeing. It didn’t rip me from all I knew. It dove me deeper into the life I had and all the love they gave me.  I am their super-being. ” 


Commonly, animals who die away from home or their people will have spiritual experiences that place them at home and/or with their people.  There is always more going on for them than what we are seeing.

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2 thoughts on “Sheldon’s Thoughts”

  1. I love this. Buford passed on Oct 18, 2018. He was nearly 12, around 200 lbs for most of his adult life, and was my soulmate. I miss him every day. How can I hear from him?

  2. Stephanie McCurry

    Oh my goodness! Crying over here! What a beautiful soul you are, Sheldon. A super being💫

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