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Skyla on House Training


Skyla says, “I have to think about where I go poop. I am not big thinker about that.”

How To Potty Train You Dog:

1. It is important to be clear in your mind where you would like your puppy to go to the bathroom.  Example:  Outside in the corner of the yard.

2. Take your puppy outside to that area and give him/her a command.  Common commands are: “Go Potty”, “Go Poopy”, or “Go Do Your Business”.

3. Wait patiently.

4. When they have FINISHED going to the bathroom praise them with the command like “Good Poopy”. You can give them a treat or pet.  Do not be too exuberant! You want your puppy to BE CONSCIOUS of what they have just done.

5. Then take your puppy back inside so that they are CLEAR that going outside is to “Go Potty” not just to have fun and explore.

As a rule puppies have to go the bathroom HALF HOUR AFTER THEY EAT, WHEN THEY AWAKE FROM A NAP, & DURING THE MIDDLE OF A BIG PLAY SESSION.  So be prepared!

* If you CATCH your puppy going to the bathroom in the house.  Say “NO” firmly then “Go Outside”.  Then immediately take them outside whether they have finished peeing or pooping or not.

When you are outside take a breath and you can psychically explain to them what you would like them to do.

It is important to note that dogs do not go to the bathroom in their own space. This is the reason why we use crates, exercise pens, small confined areas and leashes to teach house training. When you a restrict a dogs space they will instinctual not want to go to the bathroom there so they will whine or bark to go out.  These are wonderful tools use them.  You want to make sure you catch your dogs accidents every time or you will reinforce bad behavior with out knowing it.

Never Ever put a pee pad in these confined areas! This teaches a dog to go the bathroom in the confined area.  You will have more problems later!

If you use pee pads I highly suggest you put them in a box (like a litter box) so it is clear to the dog that these are not area rugs, towels on the floor, or bathmats.  The dogs can get confused.  Make a clear distinction of where the appropriate place to pee is verse where it is not.

How To Psychically Explain

House Training To Your Dog:

You can explain to you puppy with words and sending visual messages,

1.  Let them know what makes you upset: “When you poop and pee inside the house (picture them doing this) it makes me very upset (picture yourself upset).”

2.  Let them know what makes you happy: “When you poop and pee outside (picture them having to go to the bathroom, running to you and then to the door, you opening the door and them going outside and them going to the bathroom) this makes me very happy (picture yourself very happy and proud while praising them.).”

*  You can explain this to them during any quiet focused moment.

Break down behaviors into each image. Example of going outside.  Picture:  Running to you.  Running to the door.  You following dog to the door.  You opening the door.  Dog running outside.  Dog going to the bathroom.  Praise and Happiness.  Dog and owner going back inside.

You should repeat it many times a day until your dog is going to the bathroom in the desired place.  Puppies live in the moment so you need to be a constant reminder.

You dog will understand this if you are focused, calm and clear with your pictures.

Make sure that you are thinking one thing at a time. For instance some people may be saying to their dog, “When you have to go the bathroom go outside by the trees”  BUT they are thinking, “This is never going to work.  This puppy is driving me crazy and ruining my favorite rug.”


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2 thoughts on “Skyla on House Training”

  1. That’s great!! Maybe sometime you could write something similar about training kitties who pee where they shouldn’t! 🙂

  2. alene laDelle Brown

    When I leave for a trip of any kind I put the “old ” litter box downstairs near the entry to the garage so the cat sitter wont have to have anything to do with
    the CatGenie I have in my bathroom. This is a real treat for Buddy and Sonny
    They LOVE this. BUT when I come back and take it away, if the Cat Genie
    is being cleaned when they want to use it, then Buddy (not Sonny, I’m sure)
    goes to the landing on the staircase leading down to the place where I had put the “old” litter box, and does his business there. I never scold and am just
    glad its just SOLIDS and not diarhea. It usually happens just after I get back but only about once or twice.

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