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The Happiest Dog Ever

I think the best thing to tell everyone is that I have a mom that needs to teach me more things.  When you get old you still want to learn tricks.  When I was young I use to play a game where I ran through tunnels and jumped over jumps.  I walked on planks and on a teeter totter.  I was very good and kids and their dogs would come and train with my mom and I.  Then do you know what happened? A really bad vet gave me a bad rabies vaccination and then I woke up and my knees where so bad that it hurt to run and then I couldn’t play anymore.  Mom and I where so sad that my mom gave away all our equipment.  Except for the tunnel we still have that.  That was not fun.  You know what my job is now.  My mom puts our bunny, Bean, outside every afternoon and it is my job to go and get her to come in.  Some dogs herd sheep and some herd cows.  I herd Bean.  At first it was really hard.  Bean would run all over the yard and I would be confused and Bean would get scared.  Now I know slow and I can tell which side I should be on her to get her to go somewhere.  When Bean goes inside her cage she gets three treats.  If you only give her two treats she gets mad and says that no one cares about her, but sometimes it is because I ate one.

Today, I was wondering if I could go to the beach in my mind and play there.  I went their in my mind and then I got scared because my mom wasnt with me.  I go everywhere I can with my mom.  She says I am the easiest best dog every.  My sister, Maia, is very different.  She is  a lot of work because she likes to go far away from mom to explore.  Not so much now, but when she was younger.  Now Maia gets scared of shadows.  She thinks they are holes in the ground.  She wont walk into rooms or hallways because she is scared she will fall into a hole.  My mom keeps telling her that there has never been a hole there before why would there be one now and Maia still gets scared.  I listen to moms mind and she thinks it has to do something with Maia being a wolf and being instinctual.  Cause if I couldnt see I know I would remember there is not a hole in the kitchen.  Dogs are smarter than people think.  Maia doesnt sound smart right now.  But she is probably smarter than   anyone knows.  She used to know how many people where on our block and what they ate and if they are going to walk by our house.  She is really alert.  Maia is like a camera that holds information.

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  1. Storm, thank you for the great story, you’re the only dog I know of who herds a rabbit!
    Laura, that white bold font against the black background is hard to read – hurts my eyes! Would love if you would try a gentler color combo 🙂

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