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Stormy Believes In Miracle Healings

Storm Is Healing

Stormy, my Australian shepherd, 12.5 years young, would like to write this week’s article. Stormy is very wise.

Here is what he wants to say to you:


Lately, my mom and I have been trying to heal me. I have something inside of me that I would rather not have. I have to tell you this before you get worried about me: It is okay. What is inside of me doesn’t really hurt me. I have some panting and soreness in my belly, but I like to pretend it is not there.


“Pretending is not always the best idea because it can get worse if you don’t do anything about it. So if you have an animal that has an issue, or if you want to think about me in a healing way, think of your animal’s body (or mine) working to its optimal performance. It is good to have vegetables, fruits, vitamins, herbs, probiotics, and other supplements. I eat healthy meat and treats, too, but no grains.


“The other thing that we do is we picture a ball of light that looks like the sun, inside of my body, healing all my cells and organs. Then we say an affirmation. It goes like this. ‘My body is well balanced and healthy. I believe in miracle healings. Thank you, universe, for supplying all that we need to heal. I am flexible and athletic. I have healthy teeth, gums, skin, and fur. I am well and I enjoy life to the fullest.’ An affirmation like this is important because it will create a pattern of health and fun all around you and your family.


“The other thing I wanted to tell you is that when you give your animal a new medication or supplement, you have to say this to them – but first take a deep breath and remember to picture everything you say. Say to your animal, ‘This is the medicine I am going to give you (show them the medication). This medicine should help with making your body well and pain-free. (Picture your animal really happy and well.)


‘If this medicine makes you feel bad in any way (picture them feeling yucky) I want you to exaggerate your symptoms and look at me so I know something is wrong. So if the medicine makes you pant a little, pant a lot and look at me. If the medicine makes you dizzy, show me somehow.’ This is important because often people give their animals medication or supplements that make the animal feel bad and the people don’t know it and the animal doesn’t know how to tell their person. Sometimes the medicine is hidden in food and then the animal is really confused.


“Then tell your animal, ‘If the medicine makes you feel bad we will try a lower dosage (picture less medicine) or we will try a different medicine (picture getting the other medicine). Then you say to your animals, ‘I believe that animals can be happy and healthy to the ends of their lives and I am committed to making sure you are happy and healthy till you are ready to join all the angels and the essence of the universe.’ (Picture whatever you think heaven is).


“Also tell them, ‘I love you,’ and then pet them and go for a walk or play with them while saying your affirmation of health. You can sing these affirmations with your animal’s name in it. That is what my mom does. We make up all sorts of healthy songs.


“Always remember, just because your animal has been sick or has a bad diagnosis it doesn’t mean that you can’t live in joy with your pet. It just means you need to be more active in achieving health and you need to enjoy your time together more. All animals like treats. So giving your animal treats is a good idea too.


“My mom and I wish you all great health and a fun life. Remember, talking to your animal is helpful.”

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4 thoughts on “Stormy Believes In Miracle Healings”

  1. The bunnies and I picture you in perfect health, playing, and enjoying treats from your amazing mom. You are our favorite Australian Shepard in the world!

    Lots of love to Stormy – Gloria

  2. Dear sweet Stormy, my animals friends and I are imagining you strong, healthy and surrounded by great love. Thank you for sharing your words, they couldn’t have come at a better time as I needed to be reminded to believe in miracles and the power of healing. Much love to you and your family.

  3. Laura! Loved this video of Stormy and Luca. It is inspirational and sweet. We need to film again and you can talk about these issues,
    You are the best!

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