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Pet Psychic Radio * Animals Tell Us How To Communicate

On this episode of Pet Psychic Radio:

*   Kingston the Golden Retriever calls into the show.    *  Nusha the speckled quail calls in from Israel.   *  Rescue Guest is Patricia Werre of Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery with Cupcake an adoptable.   *  Penny hears from her deceased black of lab of 15 years.  Her dog tells Penny to center herself in her heart to communicate with her.   *  Robert the cat talks about his medical issues and Aloha tells her words of wisdom.  Theme of the show: “How can people communicate better to animals.”

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Cupcake is 3 years old & needs a home.
Hear her story on this episode.

Cupake is at Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery. Contact them to visit her or their other rescue animals.

Londoloza Dog Den & Cattery ‘s website: LondolozaDogDen.com
Facebook page:  facebook.com/LondolozaDogDen
3416 Wesley St
Culver City, California 90232

Ai’s dog Aloha during Pet Psychic Radio.
Hear her words of wisdom on this episode.

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Pet Psychic Radio 09-27-12 * Protect Your Self From The Negative

Pet Psychic Radio 09-27-12: On today’s show: We talk about Bunny Festival.  Goose the dog wants to stay with Grandma. Maxwell the cat is fast in heaven. Shawn Hollub of  German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County tells us about German Shepherds and we speak to Poppy about her life before she was rescued. Bentley the English Setter is terrified of car rides so we talk him through it.  Luca’s words of wisdom.  Theme of the show: How to protect yourself from negative energy.

German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County’s website: GSROC.org

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Poppy Needs A Home * Hear Her Story On Pet Psychic Radio

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Pet Psychic Radio 09-20-12 * All Cats and Lulu the Dog

Pet Psychic Radio 09-20-12 Today Viola the talkative torby tells us that everyone needs pretty flowers to smell.  Sunny the cat blames Buddy the cat for pooping on the stairs.  Our guest Robin Budin of Dogs Deserve Better with rescue dog Lulu tell us about how you can help chained dogs.  Friskie talks about his new home.  Nutter the cat stomach stomps on his fellow housemate and explains us why.  Dart the missing cat tells us how a neighbor took him on vacation.    Each animal also answers the questions, “What would should people do to bring peace and happiness into their lives.”

Dogs Deserve Better websites:   DogsDeserveBetter.org and RainbowRescues.org

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Here is a video that is a little of the old with a mix of me talking within it.

My talking to the dolphins and whales video will be coming soon.

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“WATCH” your animals!

I feel that a very important part of being an animal professional is studying and watching animal behavior. I can see almost every eye blink, tilt of ear, look-away, or limp.

I have recently learned that in canines, a tail wag to the right means that they are happy and may see something they want to approach; and a tail wag to the left means that they are frightened and confronted with something they want to run away from.

I think it is important for all animal professionals to know and understand animal “calming signals.” These are signals animals use to calm themselves and communicate with other animals, and they use them on us as well. Some of these signals are looking away, blinking, yawning, sniffing the ground, approaching in an arc, shaking, holding up a paw, sitting, lying, and play-bowing.

We should also know the signals that reveal lack of calming. These can be closing/clenching of the mouth, staring, leaning on the front paws, and body stiffening. When we see lack of calming we want to guide our animals into calming themselves and then praise them for those signals.

So let’s say we have a frightened dog or cat that is frozen, staring at our visitor. We can make a sound or call their name to get them to break their stare and look away or lick for a moment. As soon as we see them using a calming signal we can quickly praise: “Good look-away!” This reinforces their natural ability to calm themselves and to feel confident in different situations.

One of my biggest gripes with “old school” training techniques is that often people’s timing of punishment is off. A dog may have just lunged and barked at a person but by the time the handler has been able to jerk or shock the dog, the dog has looked away and licked. So the punishment appears at the calming signal, not at the lunge.

This can make dogs feel even more insecure, and in the long run teach them to skip the bark and go right into the bite. More positive training teaches the handler to praise for the calming signals. This teaches the dog how to naturally feel confident and leads to a more stable dog in various situations.

I tell animals every day that the most intelligent animals are conscious of their behavior: They know what they are doing at every moment and why. If we start to point out these subtle movements to our animals, they will become more aware of how they feel during various situations.

My cat Joey used to be scared of feet. He would stare at them with wide eyes until they came close, then he would run fearfully away. I started to point the calming signals out to him. This is what Joey has to say: “At first it was really hard to force myself to blink or look away for a moment. But when I did, I realized that when I took a breath, then I could feel my paws on the ground. That gave me just enough time to realize that what I have been scared at hasn’t hurt me yet. So I look away again, or lick, and realize it is still okay. The calming signals give me a chance to think about what is a false fear and what is a real fear. If it is real fear then it gives me a moment to plan my reaction. The calming signals are still hard to do during every scary moment, but I am getting better.”


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Pie learning to use her Calming Signals

PIE "Calming Herself"

Animals have body language that they use to calm themselves, communicate with other animals and they use them on people too.  Some of them are blinking, licking lips, yawning, sniffing ground, looking and looking away, sitting down, lying down, turning away, shaking, holding up a paw, approaching in an arc.   Here Pie is licking.

I often tell animals to do the calming signals when they are overly excited or fearful.

Here is what Pie’s person wrote to me after our session, “the best pic ever–it’s Pie trying out her calming techniques!!!!  SO funny!!
She climbs on us, sits right on our chests, and tries blinking and sticks her tongue out at us…only, she forgets to put it back!  So cute, so funny!
I would just like to note that she has NEVER done this before our chat the other day.  Amazing.”

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