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Stormys Secrets

Stormy says, “In order to be happy & healthy it’s important to love yourself and your family, have a positive attitude, rest, exercise, believe in your diet and supplements, pray to Heaven that you learn your lessons with ease, and to open yourself up to new experiences and friends. That’s my secret to my wellbeing.” […]

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Stormy On Communicating With Animals

Stormy’s tips on communicating with animals on Pet Psychic Radio (13-Nov-2014): “I gotta tell everybody something. If you have a problem talking to your animal, go take a shower and then come back and try again. It makes a lot of sense if you take the time ’cause your animal will understand you. And I

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Felix and Stormy The Reiki Master

Felix (the chihuahua) knew he was next in the tub and he thought Stormy would save him. Stormy knows better – they all needed a bath. Notice how Stormy’s right eye is gooky. He had a large growth on his eye lid. It was starting to hurt his eye. The night of the baths, I

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