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Precious is 11 months old. She says,

I am actually doing really good. I feel very brave and I feel like my sister has more fear than I do. I feel like some times she shy’s away and I am not sure what to do about it. I am not sure if I should be scared to or if I should move forward.

I really love my mom and she is very caring of us. . I am really smart. I like water in a crystal bowl. Or a glass bowl. a pretty glass bowl”

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In the days before Mascha passed away she said,

Do you know that women look in the mirror a lot.  Well maybe I can make the light flicker in the mirror.”

Meaning that after she died she would try to giver her mom (person) a sign that she is around and  ok.

Her person just wrote this to me:

Mascha had assured me she’d let me know she’s okay, and said she might do it in a sunbeam or in the kitchen, but she also made a crack about women looking in the mirror a lot and that she might make a light flicker in the mirror. 

Well, about a week after she died I got up for work and did a bit of an unusual thing…I turned on my overhead bedroom light instead of my nightstand light.  I literally never do that, ever. 

About 30 minutes later I sat down in my bathroom to dry my hair and the bedroom light turned off.  I briefly thought the power had gone off, but the hair dryer was still on and so was the bathroom light.  The light turned back on…then off…then on again with no disruption to any other electricity. 

I knew at that moment that Mascha was letting me know she was okay.

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Pet Psychic Radio 10-11-12 Healing Intentions

On this weeks Pet Psychic Radio: Barney the golden doodle with seizures talks. William a cat that survived being lit on fire talks about his ptsd.  Jax the tabby explains why he has a licking issue. Barney the jealous man hating German Shepherd explains why he bites. Darby 7 mo kitten who is attacking his family discovers a new way.   Makia, Storm King and Aloha tell their words of wisdom.  Theme of the showing Healing Intentions. Rescue Guest: Laurence (Larry) Holyoak of International Animal Rescue InternationalAnimalRescue.org  P.O. Box 137 Shrewsbury, MA 01545

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