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A Stall for the Winter

A Stall for the Winter

Is Confining Horses During Rough Weather Better or Worse for Them?

jubilee and me

I have a dilemma—I am not sure if I should get a stall for my horse for the winter. Right now my horse, Jubilee, a three-year-old sport horse appaloosa/warmblood, and two other horses are currently outside 24/7. There is another older horse that joins them outside from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. then goes back to his stall. If I want Jubilee to have a stall she needs to have his routine. She can’t just go into the barn when it is bad weather. The ideal situation.

I can easily argue that Jubliee is in one of the nicest facilities in Santa Barbara County. She has an irrigated pasture and a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. For California standards she is in horse (and people) heaven. Most of the horses here are in small 12 x 24 pipe corrals that I feel are prisons for horses. Horses may be domesticated animals but their bodies are designed to roam with a herd more than 20 miles a day. The solitary confinement that is so “normal” here in Southern California makes me gasp for air and squint my eyes every time I see it. For anyone with an empathic eye, those horses’ pain and depression are clearly evident. The horses at Jubilee facility are not in this much pain.

I am worried about the winter. Jubilee’s pasture does not have a manmade shelter nor does it have any trees or valleys for windbreak cover. The thought of my three-year-old athletic horse being inside a stall more than she will be outside hanging out bothers me. Both options are unnatural situations.

When I discuss my dilemma with my friends I hear two arguments. “They are wild animals she will be fine” is one.

“But in the wild,” I say, “She would be able to go into a grove of trees or down into a valley to get out of the weather. She would not be on the top of a hill overlooking the ocean with no wind break.”

“Don’t worry,” they reply. “Get her a good blanket and she will turn her butt to the wind.”

Then there is the other school of thought. “It is good for her to be inside for so many hours. Her training will come along faster. She will connect more to you than the herd.” For some reason this makes me sad. I feel like she is doing well already. She is not herd bound. She comes when it is time to go get her.

“This barn life is the way horses live. This is a good life for them.” The horses this person is talking about get four hours outside on pasture everyday. But alone. They do not have other horses to keep them company, play with, or snuggle with. These horses have a far better life than most, I agree. But I still think to myself, “No, maybe it is the good life for us. We have these horses that are bonded to us out of default because they do not have a herd of their own. We keep them looking pristine not knowing that we are taking away who they are. We trim the hair from their ears, the hair that tells them which way the wind is blowing. We cut their whiskers to make them look neat and orderly but these whiskers are connected to pathways in their brain. It is actually painful to cut them; they use their whiskers for sensory. Telling them what is desirable and what they should stay away from. The whiskers protect their muzzle and help them to eat.

I want Jubilee to be a horse and live as naturally as possible. I want to ride her and have fun with her but I don’t want to take away any of her enjoyment in order to do so. So what do I do?

I ask Jubilee, “What do you think I should do?”

Jubilee: “When I am in a stall I kind of like it cause I get to see everything that is happening. I get to talk to the other horses about being ridden and sometimes I roll and the bedding is really comfortable. When it is foggy out I don’t really like to get too wet. Some of the horses don’t mind but when I am lying on the hard ground and I am getting wet I miss the run in shed I used to have in Oregon. In Oregon, I was really lucky cause I could go and hang out with my friends and then I had this run in shed I could go in and get water and food. I slept in there, too. I used it a lot when it was windy. When it is windy and I was outside I got dirt in my eyes and I don’t like dirt in my eyes. I like being in a shed.”

Laura: “Jubilee, do you understand that if I get you a stall you will have to be in the stall more than you can be outside? So all night long every night you will be inside and also in the afternoon you will have be in a stall, too. It’s a lot more in the stall.”

Jubilee: “If I don’t like it can I change? Like maybe we could try it. I like moving around a lot cause I get anxious. I like the evenings outside but when it is sleeping time, sometimes I feel too vulnerable cause there is no shelter to feel like you are safe and to feel like a predator wont sneak up on you. When I had my run in shed I felt safe.”

Laura: “Jubilee, what kind of predators are you worried about?”

Jubilee: “I am worried about mountain lions, a pack of coyotes or dogs, or man horse stealers.”

Laura: “Jubilee, we may have those things in our area but I feel very confident that would not happen to you.”

Jubilee: “I have seen a mountain lion here. He was looking at us and he walked all the way to the donkey and she made so much noise he thought maybe he should keep walking. But I saw him.”

Laura: “Wow, I didn’t know that….Jubilee, the last time we spoke you were firm about staying outside every night unless it was bad weather. It sounds like you have changed your mind. What happened? Did you talk to the other horses about this?”

Jubilee: “Yeah, I did talk to the other horses and they said that we need shelter out here and if I had a chance to go inside I should.”

Laura: “But the gelding you are out with I know hates going inside. Did he say this to you?”

Jubilee: “Yeah, he said he had a bad experience inside getting hung up and he said that is why he doesn’t like it because every time he is inside he gets anxiety. I said I had that experience but I fixed myself. I don’t get anxiety. And the other horses say sometimes they are chilly and they would rather not wear a blanket and be inside than wear a blanket.”

Laura: “But Jubilee, the mare you are out with doesn’t wear a blanket and doesn’t go inside.”

Jubilee: “Mom, I am talking to all the horses not just the horses in my pasture. Mom, lets try it. If I hate it, say you wont do it anymore. Mom, I will still have my herd during the day. I want to learn how to be a stable horse so when we go to shows and I don’t have pasture I can know it well. Like sometimes I wonder if I am gong to be a famous horse.”

Laura: “Why do you think you will be a famous horse?”

Jubilee: “Because you tell me how special I am and that makes me feel like I am someone who is going to do something great. I love to work and I love to get better at what I am doing. So I bet a lot of people will like to watch me.”

Laura: “Well, Jubilee, I do hope that we are advocates for horses and we help make other horses lives better.”

Jubilee: “I am learning about what is fair and unfair to horses. I’ll talk to a lot of horses and then tell you about it so that you can help them, okay?”

Laura: “That sounds great, Jubilee.”

Well it seems now I know what I am going to do. Come November, Jubilee will have a stall. We will keep you all posted.

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Talking to Animals

Talking to Animals

Asking What My Pets Love About Life

I ask my animals, “What do you love most about life?”

Here are their answers.

LucaLuca my three-year-old cream-colored poodle says, “Friends. I love friends. I don’t care if they are dog, cat, bird, donkey, person, or another species. I love to learn how to greet others and share happiness. If someone gets mad at me, I have to think why and then change my behavior. I love the feeling of getting in right.”



storm lying downStorm King my 14-year-old black-and-white Australian Shepherd says, “Care. I love the feeling of when others take care of me. When someone notices something is wrong and takes steps to help me I feel blessed. I love the serenity of sleeping in nature and the way nature smells. I love learning how to be happy in any given moment. Sometimes I imagine a hummingbird’s peep to remind me that small things fill me with joy.”



Makia my 16-year-old white cat says, “I love a good sleeping spot in a dark closet where my body can rest fully. I love butterflies. I love being told that I am beautiful and the feeling of being brushed. I love finding lost things. I love to sleep curled up with my person. I love feeling safe in nature.”



serafinaSerafina my gray middle-aged cat says, “I love adventure. I love exploring new places. I love treats that melt in my mouth (freeze-dried treats). I love the sound of my name when someone sings it. I love watching others. I love knowing that everyone I live with is happy and healthy. I love to control my thoughts so that good things will happen. I love happiness.”




Seamora my 23-year-old blue and gold Macaw says, “I love a good nut. I love climbing in trees. I love going for walks with my people. I love it when people tell me I am beautiful. I love feeling quenched from drinking fresh water. I love fruit. I love tofu. I love being interacted with everyday. I love the feeling of my people feeling safe with me. It makes me feel like I am a good girl. I love feeling safe. I love that life changes for the better.”


bean on edge of grassBean my six-year-old bunny says, “I love that people fight for the humane treatment of bunnies and other animals. I love that I have a friend that offers me hay. I love my treats. I love to hop around the house and be kissed by my person in the morning. I love feeling that no matter what happens or where I live, I have family that will look after me and care about how I feel. I love the feel of wet dirt on my paws. I love lying on a clean towel.”



JubileeJubilee my Appaloosa Sport Horse says, “I love eating clover and green grass. I love learning something new. I love the feeling of my friends nibbling on my neck. I love the feel of the fog in my nostrils. I love having my mane brushed. I love being cared for and being told I am a good girl. I love the feeling of knowing I understand something. I love other horses, all horses. I love my person and my trainer. I love the taste of my grain and my supplements. I love feeling like my body is being taken care of. I love being understood. I love learning that if I pay attention and try that life gets more exciting.”

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A New Home

A New Home

How Does Relocating Affect Your Animals?

We have recently moved to a furnished ranch in the Carpinteria foothills. We are living with more animals and people. Here I ask my animals, “How are you doing?”

Stormy best dog everStormy, my 14-year-old Aussie says, “I like it here a lot because it is cooler than Ojai. Though I miss Ojai sometimes. I miss sleeping in our bed. I miss the flat green park. The ground is more rugged here so when I am in my stroller the bumping hurts my body. Sometimes I get forgetful where I am because the furniture doesn’t smell like us. But I like smelling the air and knowing that the ocean air is fresh. I know the sunsets are pretty here because you get excited to watch them. I like having all my new friends here. I like being able to go see the donkeys. I enjoy lying outside without having Luca bark all the time. I like knowing I live in nature but I am safe from the coyotes.”



Luca, my three-year-old poodle, says, “I love it here because there is a lot of nature and lots of things to do. I have met donkeys and have run through the fields. I have new dog friends. When I get bored I sit outside and listen to the wind blowing through the trees. Sometimes when the donkeys make noise I try to figure out what they are saying. I think they are saying, ‘Feed me’ and ‘Where are you?’ They eat hay, which is like dried grass. The hay doesn’t look good to me but they seem to love it. I am enjoying the donkeys.”



Serafina, my gray cat, says, “I miss being able to go out at night but I love the land here. There are a lot of lizards and there are birds I have never seen before. I can see really far. I never had such a view before. When the sun sets I see colors that I feel are going to blanket me. This place is really wonderful. I love it here.”




Makia, my white cat, says, “It has been a little hard for me because I don’t see and hear that well and it is scary going outside and not knowing where I am going. I like the big closet to sleep in and when you walk with me I enjoy being outside. It is hard to get on the bed because I don’t have my cat stairs. I am tired of so many ants. I hate the way they feel when they climb up my paws. They always want my food and I don’t like the smell of soapy water near my food. When we go back to Ojai for a visit I am going to see which place I like better. New is hard for an older animal. I like the air here and I like my closet.”


bean on chairBean, my bunny, says, “It has been the hardest for me because I don’t get to run around that much and I miss my freedom to run all around the house. I wont chew anything inappropriate I promise. I like being in the center of the house because I can see what is going on and I like the air because it doesn’t feel as dry. I don’t like the ants. It would be good if you could let me run around the whole house to explore.”



Seamora standing on cageSeamora, my blue and gold macaw, says, “I like it here because I get to go on long walks everyday with the dogs. I have made new human friends and I love my new human friends. My cage is much smaller here and I don’t get to be out of my cage as much but it is okay because the walks make me tired and this cage is not that bad. I have learned so much about people since I have been here. I have learned that some people really love me and they want me to be friends with lots of people. I have learned that I can heal my wing and fly again. I will fly. I have splashed in water, too. I loved splashing in water. I love my walks. I have seen big trees and I have seen birds watching me. They say I am colorful. I love it here.”

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Asking Questions

Asking Questions

The Importance of Clear Communication

I used to be a shy person who was scared to ask questions. I thought, unconsciously for while, that asking questions meant that I was either not paying attention, was not intellectual enough to be in the conversation, or just plain stupid. It is not that I didn’t seek answers. I would just do so quietly, searching in books or ease-dropping in on conversations.

I have this uncanny ability to read body language and emotions not just in animals but in people as well. When I started working as a professional animal communicator I would notice when my clients seemed confused yet nodded their heads as if they understood. My passion for giving the animals a voice and relieving their suffering was so strong that I wanted people to truly understand what I was trying to convey or what the animals were saying.

I started asking clients if they understood me, and what felt right and what felt off. I started to ask the animals for more clarification in what they were saying so that I had the more details to relay to my clients. I began to realize that in my business it was smart to ask questions. I got better at my work and people felt more comfortable, approaching me if they didn’t understand something.

Slowly this thinking moved into other areas of my life and I became braver of speaking up and asking questions if I was confused. When dealing with some professionals they have an air of intellect to them. They are factual, clear, and concise. I have found that what is simple to them may not be simple to others. I have come to realize that as a child I picked up their emotions on how rudimental the subject was to them. My insecurities of how the subject was complex to me made these people unapproachable.

I have also learned from working with animals and their humans that everyone is on their own path and we may live lifetimes working on one or two issues of ours. I have learned that some people and animals learn quickly and others more slowly and that it is not all the intelligence of our brains that govern our learning process but also our environment and the situations we were raised in. I have learned to not to judge someone’s learning process and to meet everyone where they are.

“Don’t I deserve to give myself the same patience and understanding I give others?”

My profession has showed me how important it is for clear communication. I started to watch people communicating with one another and noticed there are a lot nods of understanding when one does not understand at all. It is important to ask questions not just for my own understanding but for the other party who feels they are communicating clearly when actually they are losing awareness.

Lately, I have been hearing people say to me, “You ask such great questions.” And I think to myself, “How silly I was to feel so insecure and insignificant… And how many others are just like me.”

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New and exciting Pet Psychic Radio show! 

Listen to how co host / show producers Ai Kusuhara’s new dog is doing.  Meet Fenway!  We take some callers, learn about calming signals and … Our rescue cat guest Twig talks about why he gathers up sticks and brings them back to the pride.

This is Twig. Listen to hear his touching story!

This is Twig. Listen to hear his touching story!

Our Rescue Guest is Siglinda Scarpa from www.goathouserefuge.org       Facebook page: facebook.com/TheGoathouseRefuge
Her passion is the rescue and re-homing of cats and kittens about to be euthanized from our state’s many kill shelters. Also to shut down the many shelters in NC that still utilize gas chambers and some even use the horribly painful method of “heart sticks” to kill the animals.

Click on Arrow to listen to the show:

Pet Psychic Radio Live Thursdays at 12pm PST.
call in line (917)889-2693

Learn more about listening and / or being on the show at


Meet Ai's new dog FENWAY!

Meet Ai’s new dog FENWAY!

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Book Signing August 24th and 25th – Going To The Dogs


Everyone come out to

The Santa Barbara Botanic Gardens

Saturday August 24th


Rainbow Bridge Warehouse In Ojai on Sunday August 25th!


going-to-the-dogs image

Author Louise Heydt and myself

will be doing book signings of her new book

Going To The Dogs, An Incredible True Story.


Think you know your animal friends? The author did too. Then she met Laura Stinchfield, who calls herself The Pet Psychic, and her world became enriched in ways she never knew were possible. You will meet Kundun, selfless, big-hearted pit bull-greyhound rescue, Genji, a spirited Paso Fino gelding, rambunctious Rasa and shy, abused Tara, Catahoula Leopard Hound sisters who tell their stories in their own words with the help of animal communicator, Laura, and their mom. The journey begins with a move from the wilds of northern New Mexico to the Ojai Valley in California. Experience this family’s joy, pain, love, loss and the author’s odyssey of caring for them as all age and confront their limitations, traumas, hopes, dreams and absolute devotion to each other. You will cry. You will laugh. And you will never think about animals in the same way again. The sudden illness and untimely death of a member of this animal family leads to conversations on the Other Side and introduces the reader to an alternate reality so surprising that it may completely change whatever one believes Heaven is.

Saturday 12:30-2:30 at  Santa Barbara Botanic Garden 1212 Mission Canyon Road, Santa Barbara, California 93105

Sunday 10-12 Rainbow Bridge Warehouse 215 E Matilija St  Ojai, CA 93023

You can buy books at the event or purchase on Amazon by Clicking Here

Foreword by Laura Stinchfield:

In this book, Louise takes us on a spiritual journey of discovering the inner depths of our relationships with animals.  We follow her and her animals through illness, death, dying, surviving chaos, and the magical joy of experiencing living with our compassionate animals.  Many of us have regrets for the way we dealt with certain situations involving animals in our past. Louise is brutally honest with her readers about her shortcomings.  Through this extraordinary account, we learn that we can make amends with our animals. This is not only healing for our pets but also for us.

Following this family, we learn to grow, flourish, trust, and be strong while making decisions that anyone would dread.  We witness that our animals not only are understanding of our difficult decisions, but also are often an integral part of making these decisions.  Our animals are communicating with us all the time.  Sometimes we consciously know what they are saying and other times it is unconscious yet still happening.

I am a professional animal communicator / pet psychic.  This means I can telepathically talk to animals.  I can ask or tell them anything.  There is no limit to the consciousness of animals.  We see through my communications with Louise’s pets that animals can take on many voices.  One moment they can sound innocent like a child and then later offer advice like a wise sage.  We see them scared of illness and death but once they understand the process they open their hearts and trust.  They ground us in the present by asking for certain foods, to be read to and for walks in nature. They tell Louise to stretch and drink tea in order to be more centered and calm.  They open our eyes to different realms by talking about visits from spiritual beings, deceased loved ones on the other side, and by telling us what happens to them after death.  We learn that a golden thread always connects us and even death does not break the extraordinary bond we have with our animals.

This is a powerful story of elevating consciousness. While reading this wonderful book you will cry, laugh, be in wonder, forgive yourself and grow with Louise and her animal family. Once finished your heart will be open.  Undoubtedly your life and relationships with all animals will change in remarkable ways.  Enjoy. 


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Pet Psychic Radio 08-15-13

Who Is Making The Dogs Sick?

and other callers…


Picture above of Getting ready for Pet Psychic Radio 8-15-13 -with co-host Ai Kusuhara , Stormy and Luca my poodle.

Stormy my Aussie says,

“When we are all together I feel like our love is spreading out into the universe.”

Click On Arrow Below To Listen To The show



Pet Psychic Radio Live Thursdays at 12pm PST. call in line (917)889-2693

Listen Live at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepetpsychic

Post your animal’s picture on our facebook page www.facebook.com/petpsychicradio

To learn more about the show visit: www.thepetpsychic.com/pet-psychic-radio

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Being Thankful

Thanks for the Animals

The Reasons Pet Psychic Loves Each One

Today, I give thanks for my animals.


storm lying down

I am thankful for my 14-year-old Australian shepherd, Stormy, because he teaches me to smile no matter how I am feeling. Even in his or my darkest moments, he has bright eyes and a smile that warms my heart and makes me laugh. People from all over the world write me to express gratitude for his words of wisdom.

Stormy says now, “It is important to see yourself as a light. The brighter you express your light, the more beings are affected by your radiance. If you feel dark, shelter yourself. It only takes a few moments to rest and allow the light to radiate again. Everyone has light in them. Some people ignore it. Be the light.”



I am thankful for my gray cat, Serafina, because she teaches me about friendship and forgiveness. She always wants to be friends with others. She rubs up against the dogs and asks my other cat, Makia, to groom her. If they ignore her and walk away, or swat at her, she turns away and tries another time. She never takes personally another’s unwillingness to interact. She has an enormous amount of compassion. She is the first to arrive at the scene of trauma, offering her love and support.

Serafina says, “I feel that beings need friends to feel complete in their life. If you give love to others, you receive love. It may not be at the exact moment you give it, but eventually you do receive it, and that is a wonderful reward. I love being caring, because it makes my heart feel good.”


Seamora standing on cage

I am thankful for my blue and gold parrot, Seamora, because she teaches me to enjoy the wild animals of the world. She gets me thinking about the domestic wild animals that are mistreated. She brings color into my life.

Seamora says, “There are people who love parrots because they are pretty, and then there are people who love parrots and want to give them a habitat that they are comfortable in. I wish there were more of the latter.”



I am grateful for my poodle, Luca, because he reminds me of the miracles of the universe. He is a reincarnation of my wolf-dog Maia. He teaches me everyday that life continues and that we are always progressing in consciousness. Life never ends.

Luca says, “Sometimes it is hard to learn, and I feel a resistance inside of me – an inclination to keep doing things the same way. But then I have insight, and I feel it is best to use my mind and heart in more intelligent ways, and then I find that my life is happier. I am always learning. People are similar to me. I love life, and that is important.”



I am grateful for my white cat, Makia, because she teaches me self-care and the importance in believing in one’s beauty. She is constantly grooming herself and looking in the mirror. We don’t normally think of animals in this way. She is a reminder to me that I can enjoy feeling good about my outer appearance, and that it is not necessarily being vain. She prides herself in carrying herself well at all times.

Makia says, “The way you look is a statement about how you feel inside. Even when I feel sick, I make sure I am well groomed, because if others look at me and believe me to be healthy, then I have a greater chance of attracting health. This is not to say that I don’t ask for help when I need it. Look beautiful at all times, and beauty will come to you. Everyone should feel that.”


bean on edge of grass

I am grateful for my bunny, Bean, because she gives me pure, innocent, childlike joy. Every time I see her and pet her, I feel like a child.

Bean says, “I think my mom feels like a child because I have a peace about me that is enjoyable to others. I love nature and I love life. I love my food and the way the sunlight streams into my room. I love the feeling of dirt on my paws and the mist of the sprinkler outside. I love simple things that people often forget to notice. Life is special. Enjoy every moment. I have learned this.”


Jubilee and me

I am grateful for my Appaloosa sport horse, Jubilee, because she gets me out of my head and present in my body. She is a big horse with a lot of energy, and I have to really concentrate on my body language and my steps – in order to be a good teacher to her and to keep her feeling safe and calm. She is also bringing something back inside of me that I lost as a teenager.

Jubilee says, “There is so much in the world to learn. I have to learn about horse behavior, human behavior, and how to control my own behavior. Having a person I can listen to helps me become a better horse and understand my world better. I am Jubilee, and I am a champion.”

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Animal Greetings


Animals Answer, ‘What Is the Best Way for Humans to Approach You?’

Frequently, I find myself explaining to animals and their people that human body language and animal body language are different. For example, humans will often look a dog straight in the eye and bend with their torso to call their dog to them or to greet a strange dog. In doing so, we humans think we are being friendly and inviting, but in actual reality this behavior is a form of dominance. Of course there are exceptions where owners can look lovingly into their dog’s eyes, but this is a raising of consciousness beyond animal body language.

If you have ever watched dogs play or even get in a fight, the more dominant dog may throw its chin or paw up on the other dog’s shoulder. We humans mimic this behavior when we bend with our torso.

If we straighten our upper bodies, bend with our knees, and gaze softly (at our dogs and then away from our dogs), many canines would “come” faster and be less aggressive toward humans.

Here I ask my animals, “What is the best way for humans to approach you?” Granted this is an individual’s opinion. I am asking them to be the spokes animal for the species.

Stormy best dog ever

Stormy, my Aussie dog, says, “I like people to approach me from the side and pet my shoulder first. I don’t really like people petting my head too much. But I love people petting my shoulders and my back. Don’t lean over me. It makes me feel too crowded.”



Makia, my white cat, says, “I think it is important that people move slow and have the intention that they are going to leave the animal on the ground. I don’t like it when people move fast toward me with the idea of picking me up. Let me stand on my own four paws.”



Bean, my bunny, says, “I don’t really like people approaching me. I like them to say hi from a distance, but if it is someone I know, I want them to move slow, kneel down next to me, and pet my back before my head.”



Seamora, my blue and gold macaw, says, “People should walk up to me slowly and start dancing. I love to watch people dancing. We can dance together to get to know one another.” I am not sure if this is the feelings all macaws. I will keep you posted on this one.



Jubilee, my young Appaloosa sport horse, says, “Walk up to my side and pet my shoulder. Tell me I am a good girl, and don’t look me right in the eye. Look at the side of my neck or my back. Then I am the most comfortable.”



Luca, my young poodle, says, “I like it when you are a kid and you are small. Small people are the best. If you are a big person and want to pet me, it is best to bend with your knees and talk to me first. I also like to smell you first. Then pet my shoulder and my back. Don’t pet my head.”



Serafina, my gray cat, says, “Slow is the best way. You can look down at me, but don’t pet me first. Talk to me for a second, and then pet me. People rush up to animals and put their hands all over them too quickly. Say hello first and get to know me before you touch me.”

Stormy adds, “I love a massage. You are welcome to massage me but pay attention to me. I may tell you that your hand is too heavy or that you are kneading me too much and it hurts. If you look at me and I have my mouth open, I am smiling and it feels good. If I have my mouth closed and am looking at you intensely you are hurting me.”

So basically what my animals are saying is walk slowly, make a connection by talking to them before you reach for them, bend down slowly with your knees not your torso, be soft with your eyes and do not look them directly in the eyes, refrain from petting their head, and be conscious if you are petting them too hard or not. This is actually seems like a good way to greet people as well.

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Pet Psychic Radio 08-1-13

Animal Talk Radio

Great New Pet Psychic Radio Show!

A person dies – A dog tells the story.  Dog Aggression.  Who is sneaking in the dog door?  And more….

If you like this show like our page: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio





And 7/25’s show

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Pet Psychic Radio 07-18-13

Animal Talk

Great New Pet Psychic Radio Show! Growling Dogs, Animals’ first days in heaven, skin problems, why it is important to hold positive thoughts for you animals and more!

If you like this show like our page: www.facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio



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Clementines Adventure

There is a Donkey at the farm where I keep my horse, Jubilee. 

Her name is Clementine.

One morning, I followed her on an adventure…

(It is a quiet in the beginning.  Sorry I dont know how to add Audio.  This is more of a VLOG.  It is just so adorable. I had to share it.)





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Animals and Music

Charms to Soothe the Wild Breast

From Tibetan Chants to Rock and Roll


In response to an inquiry from a kind reader, here are my animals’ thoughts on music.



Makia, my all white cat, says, “Music has a healing ability. When a person’s mind is not doing well, music can help them cope with anxiety. Creating music can be a way to look at a problem and deal with it. I know this because I used to live with a musician. He fought with allowing the divine music to flood out of him, versus being captured and consumed with creating dark music. Sometimes music will scare me, and other times it will help me heal.

“When I was sick my mom played Tibetan chant music for animals.  Those chants have a way of healing me at my core.  Sometimes I want to hear that music even when I am not sick because it reminds me to take care of the space around and inside of me.”




Serafina, my gray cat, says, “My mom will listen to country music in the car.  I think it has stupid lyrics. I like classical music because it reminds me of the complexity and the simplicity of nature. Every time I listen to classical music I find my mind remembering the country. Seamora loves rock and roll. It calms her. Stormy will dance to anything as long as he has a partner. The unpredictable nature of that dancing used to scare me; now it entertains me.”


Luca, my young poodle, says, “I think music is just noise.  I try to listen to see if I know any of the words. I only know a few. Though when my mom sings to me, I feel like I know all the words. I love that. It is so fun when Mom makes up songs about me and the other animals.  It’s fun when she sings different songs than the radio; we all laugh.  She is so funny, my mom!”


Storm & Luca

Storm & Luca

Stormy, my Aussie, says, “Music is special to many people. I love it because it brings emotions to the surface. If one feels a little down and listens to music, one can dance it out.  I used to dance a lot when I was younger.  Even my pet-sitters liked to dance with me. Now I hear the songs through the floor instead of my ears.  Dancing is still so much fun.  I love to see people get happy when they are dancing with me.  I am a great dance partner.  Did you know that some people and dogs dance in competition? I have not seen this but long ago when I was younger my mom and I used to make up dance routines.  We had a lot of fun.

“Music is very healing. I used to know a sad man, and the only thing that made him happy was music.  I felt very sad for his life but very happy he could create music to feel joy.  Music for him was a lifeline to this world.  Sometimes when I think of him, I wish the music angels would help him heal.  Music has more power than even I know. I can feel it.”




Bean, my black bunny, says, “Music used to scare me, especially if it had bass or drums, because it makes the floor move like rabbits thumping a warning.  But now I hear music differently. I love the Tibetan chants because I feel like they are chanting just for me.  I love classical music as well because it makes me think about sound. I can get lost in the thoughts of sound.  I love acoustic music, and I admire woman songwriters.  I do, because I feel like they are loving people that want to send a message to change the world. I like men too, but I like female voices better.  They are softer.  Sometimes, with classical music, I will eat and see if I can eat at the same pace as the music.  It’s a fun game.”




Jubilee, my 3-year-old appaloosa sport horse says, “I have not listened to a lot of music, but I have heard that when horses go to shows they sometimes do a routine with a rider to music.  Sometimes they jump and sometimes they do fancy steps. I wonder if the horse gets to make up the steps and how fast they move to the music.  I wonder if all animals have an ear for music.  Though I will say I feel like there is music in the breeze and music in the sound of the birds.  The birds and the breeze come on every morning, and I enjoy hearing those songs. I also enjoy hearing the motor of the cart that brings us our hay and the horses nickering in the distance. That is beautiful music as well.  Sound can come peacefully, or it can come abruptly. When it comes abruptly it is not bad, it is just different.  I know this because I have heard loud noises and realized I shouldn’t be scared of them.  There is so much to learn when you are young. I am sure music will mean something different to me when I am older.”




Seamora, my blue and gold macaw, says, “I have lived with many people who love music.  I once had an old owner who loved strange music that people did drugs to. I didn’t like that lifestyle but the music gave me something to escape my surroundings into.  Then I lived with a man who loved rock and roll.  He taught me a lot about music and beat. I can dance to any beat.  I know all the lyrics to classic rock, but I don’t know how to get my tongue to say them all.

“Music is the best.  When I am stressed and going into a bad place, I go instead to the music.  He always had music playing, and I miss his happiness with the music as well. It fulfilled his soul.  Everyone should listen to music.  Parrots are really good at making music, and I love the sound of a flock of birds all making their individual music. The sound of many parrots is like its own song.  I don’t have a flock of birds now, and my mom says I scream, but really I am singing rock and roll.”

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Pet Psychic Radio 05-31-13

Click The Arrow To Listen To The Show:


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Laura Out And About On Pet Psychic Radio

It is World Tortoise Day Today! Get ready to speak to Tortoises on the Pet Psychic Radio Show Today! 12pm PST. call in line (917)889-2693 Listen Live or Download Previous Shows at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/thepetpsychic Our Guest today: Susan M. Tellem, RN, BSN American Tortoise Rescue Malibu, CA www.tortoise.com www.facebook.com/AmericanTortoiseRescue twitter: @tortoiserescue * Laura Stinchfield * thepetpsychic.com *. #animal #animals #tortoise #tortoiserescue #pet #pets #animalrescue #worldTortoiseDay

It is World Tortoise Day Today!

We speak to Tortoises on the Pet Psychic Radio Show Today!

Our Guest today: Susan M. Tellem, RN, BSN American Tortoise Rescue Malibu, CA www.tortoise.com www.facebook.com/AmericanTortoiseRescue twitter: @tortoiserescue

and we take lots of calls!

All Our Callers / Animals On This Show

Are Inspirational! 

Click On Arrow Below To Listen To The Show:

First two minutes the sound is bad.  No worries it gets much better and its a great show!

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Pet Psychic Radio 05-09-13

On this episode:

On this episode: Laura and Ai Talk About how Laura hears the animals.  Does Laura see the future.  Why does Laura whisper while talking to the animals.  We talk to animals that have allergies and animals from the other side.  We hear them say things like:

Molly the cat who passed away says ” mom you’re my best friend”

Macy the Setter says “there is the best sound in heaven, the sound of our family”

Listen to the podcast to hear what other animals say!

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

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See pictures of the animals on this show on our facebook page Facebook.com/PetPsychicRadio.  Make sure you like our page!

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Pet Psychic Radio 05-02-13

On this episode:

Laura explains how to tell an shy animal that they need to be medicated.

Court the 10 year old horse says, “I’m glad I’m not gonna be horse meat”.

Tribute to Mr. Squirrely

Listen to the podcast to hear what other animals say!

Our Guest On The Show Is:

Zach Skow of Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue joins us with rescue dog Charlotte. Website http://www.marleysmutts.com

Before you click the arrow below to listen to the show tell your animals to listen too:

Listen to internet radio with ThePetPsychic on BlogTalkRadio
Rest In Peace Mr. Squirrely

Rest In Peace Mr. Squirrely

Charlotte Needs A Home.  Find her at www.MarleysMutts.com

Charlotte Needs A Home. Find her at www.MarleysMutts.com

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Animals And Their Bodies

Body Talk

Confidence Is Key

I believe that in order for an animal to be confident they need to have awareness of their bodies. I wonder, do my animals agree with this? Here I ask them.



Makia, my white cat, says, “I definitely think that one who is confident feels good in their body. I was much braver when I was younger and could climb. Though now I understand my body’s limitations and that makes me feel confident too. If I didn’t understand how my body worked I would hurt myself.”




Serafina, my gray cat, says, “I used to be insecure and fat. Now I am slim and confident. I make sure I am conscious of when I turn around and when I blink my eyes or lick. This has made me a more thoughtful cat. The more I am in control of my body, the better sense I make of the world.”


Stormy has a lot of wisdom to share!


Stormy, my Aussie, says, “I think it is important to know how your body works, send love to the parts that are in pain, and be thankful for the parts of your body that work well. If you want to live happily to old age this is important.”



Bean, my bunny, says, “It is important to set boundaries on what you want others to do with your body. I don’t want to be picked up, and since my person respects that, I have become more confident around all people. It is okay to trust your feelings about your body.”


Luca in the middle of Honey and PrimRose Speedy

Luca in the middle of Honey and PrimRose Speedy

Luca, my young poodle, says, “I am aware of my body when I roll on the grass with another dog. It feels good. When I play rough I think, ‘This is fun,’ but my mom (person) says I need to play gently, and I don’t know what gentle is, so I am learning. Bodies feel different depending who you are. I didn’t know that. I thought all bodies felt the same. I have a body and so does everyone. Feelings in bodies are different. I am still learning to understand that.”


Seamora eating a tomato

Seamora eating a tomato

Seamora, my blue and gold parrot, says, “I am learning the rhythms of my body, when it feels anxious and when it feels calm. I am learning to be aware of how my body feels around different people, in different situations, and at different times of the day. This is good because then my behavior starts to make sense to myself.”


Jubilee meeting Noir over the fence

Jubilee meeting Noir over the fence

Jubilee, my appaloosa sport horse, says, “I have a big body and I can control others with my body. Sometimes I don’t want to control others but I try to anyway. Sometimes my body moves without me thinking, and that makes me sad because I want to think first. I want to be a smart horse that is polite. I am learning to think before my body moves. It’s hard. But I like learning.”

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What to Do with a Broken Heart

What to Do with a Broken Heart

Clues from Animalia

Serafina (cat) says, “Stretch, look in the mirror, and tell yourself you are beautiful. Get out in nature and enjoy the sun.”

Stormy (Aussie dog) says, “Make sure you eat good food and take care of your body. Breathe and care of yourself. Do the things you love the most.”

Bean (bunny) says, “Lie in the dirt and feel the ground. Look at the stars. Believe that the future will be okay.”

Luca (poodle) says, “I always think the best thing to do is to make sure that you are in a safe place, and then tell God you need help.”

Makia (cat) says, “I like to smell fresh catnip. Also it is nice to give a flower to the Buddha statue and to do something nice for someone else. That way you fill you heart up with helpfulness to others.”

Seamora (blue and gold parrot) says, “It is fun to get busy trying to crack a nut and also do climbing exercises around my cage. People can also do tasks that are difficult and move their bodies around obstacles. This will create confidence and make your heart remember you are love.”

Jubilee (appaloosa sport horse) says, “Chew on something and move your legs. That way, you won’t think about the sadness in your heart. Drink a lot of water and talk to a friend. Think about all the things you have to be grateful for, and remember that bad memories go away if you replace them with good ones.”

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