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Sometimes when our animals are dealing with persistent health challenges, it is hard to imagine them overcoming them.  I believe Rex’s vet calls dogs over eight years of age “seniors.”  Rex is nine.   I think that is crazy!  Luca is almost eleven and still running agility.  He is not a “senior”! You can call him

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This is Lucy. She is twelve years old. This is what she says about staying with Grandma and Grandpa when her human mom is away, “I like grandma and grandpa a lot. I only do badly on the first day. Then grandma and grandpa become very concerned about me. Grandma tries to hand-feed me, grandpa

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This Lux. She is three years old. Her parents made a brave move and got two puppies at the same time! A golden retriever puppy and a golden doodle. When asked how Lux is doing, she says, “I feel we are a happy family. It makes sense to have these two dogs because they make

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